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Pie family

I have not taken a picture of my family.
Sometimes I want to take pictures in my family and a photo studio.
I painted with such a heart.
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I wonder what is the Full name of everyone in this family? we all know Pinkie pie her full name is Pinkamena diana Pie but what is the full name of her sisters and her parants?
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Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter Come on every pony! Smile!
Maud is all about the Rocks Boulder is smiling
Limestone is pissed Get that camera outta my face, Pinkie!
Marble is traumatized mmmmm.........EEP!
Igneous is upset You know your sisters are camera shy
Cloudy is confused If I knew we were taking a photo, I would've put on some makeup
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Poor Marble. Her foalhood must have been an endless torrent of jumpscares. Somepony give her a hug.
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You ever wonder how a family of gray color ponies manage to reproduce a bright pink horse?!
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Umm... The mystery of the genetic...! (?)
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Wonderful work
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Thank you! X3
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LOL! The adorable Pie Family and Pinkamina all in one photo...
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Assuming they were taking pictures, I thought it would be like this.
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One tasty family !
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Igneous should be holding a pitchfork XD
RenoKim's avatar
Perhaps ...?
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Oh yes. Perfect. :)
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Oh thanks. X3
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Got to love Pinkie :D
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Pinkie is love.
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