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Flutter Bat!

This episode's shy is so cute.

really. v_v+
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On the left of her eye, there is a random line there. Is this a mistake
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I have put your picture in this video…;
l had to, it's such a great art of yours. ;w;
Hope you don't mind. :heart:
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Flutterbat is cool.
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Looks awesome!!! :la: :la: :la:
Flutterbat needs to make a comeback! I need more Flutterbat!
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can someone please make flutterbat real
i would pay you
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*crowns her as queen of the night on halloween*
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This looks very '80s. :D
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She looks hot ! But I'm a Girl.....I love this emoticon... 
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IKR!?IM BI!!and high lol that ryhemed,or howeves u spell that..shiz.
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This picture is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconfluttershyclap: :iconfluttershyclap: :iconfluttershyclap:
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link to da episode?
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Soo sexy ... I'm mean cute
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That's the first portrait of Flutterbat I've seen that truly makes her look adorable. She looks so cutely mischievous. (Of course in the show she's just animalistic and aggressive, but whatever, I like this version of her.) I don't like the caption in the top-right, looks too gritty. I love the hair, the ears and the look on her face (and the eyes!). The odd laser-like red line next to her eyes looks a bit distracting though. Great lighting too.
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>:3 i like flutter shy even whens she's scary
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