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Capcom vs SNK 3 Logo



So when me and… first got to planning this project I figured it'd make sense to make a newer logo to make this project a bit more of our own. Obviously it still retains the general concept of the April Fools logo, but I also wanted to put the ® symbol on the company logos to make them more "official" looking. Theres also a gradient over the logos to make them look shinier as well as a golden emboss as a nod to the CVS1 logo. Theres also a heat glow to make it warmer. Theres a simpler variant of the logo that has no sparks as well. I didn't wanna toss the logo out there too early cuz I didn't want any impatient people runnin off with our shit and trying to make a half assed CVS3 before Enshadow and Ian3000 got the project off the ground but I figured I'd toss it out there just to let everyone know that shit is going down.
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thats 1 awsome looking logo!