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WIP: Watch the World Burn

:jester:If you have the time, please comment/ use the awesome new critique feature!:jester:
... and please fullview! Even at that size it's not even 1/4 of the real thing...

More detailed comments and larger images on the artworks' respective pages.
Watch the World Burn

:pointr: Panel 1: Poker Face
:pointr: Panel 2: Night Vision
:pointr: Panel 3: These Scars

First Works in Progress

:pointr: Panel 1: Wanna Know How (Stranger)
Joker and his wonderful knife.
:pointr: Panel 2: Nightvision (The Dark Knight)
Batman riding his Batpod through Gotham.
:pointr: Panel 3: Poker Face (Here's My Card)
Joker and his 'card' having burned some monies in the background.

Have critique? Important note!
Please bear in mind this is a WIP (I'm posting now because school will interrupt the finished product for about a year) and I haven't finished some parts.

Please also remember that I do not have a pen tablet and use a mouse. Therefore it gets quite physically painful to paint at times and it is very hard to get long strokes, let alone the strokes you want. :stab:

This is the largest scale project I have done so far, although I haven't even vaguely come near the 50 hours I intended to spend on it...

Other Stuff
If you like the Joker, please consider joining *TDKJokerLovers! You won't regret it... :D
Or if you're sadistic and you want to keep seeing by blood on the computer screen, please support ~UnderSuppliedArtists! I will be posting this there.

Copyright info
The Joker and Batman (and The Joker's quotes) not mine! I don't take credit for his genius...

OKAY I'LL SHUT UP NOW - but I have heaps to say about this, so PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS/COMMENT! Promise this project will be the last in a while.

RIP Heath Ledger... :heart:
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Oh wow that is great! Love the colors and for some reason I can't stop staring at the

Awesome work!!!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Aww, awesome!!! Thank you so much! :glomp:

Hehe, I like the tongue too! :XD:
Idigoddpairings's avatar
This would look great framed and hung up, very professional, keep up the awesome work ^_^
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:wow: Awesome, thank you so much~! :excited:
Hehe actually I have thought of doing that but I don't think the resolution was big enough. :cries:
SeikaKitsune's avatar
Uhm, yes. This is amazing.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Scream-Deafening's avatar
This is looking truly amazing, at times I even forget that you're doing it on the computer and makes it look so much like an actual painting. xD

^^ Just by looking over that... fair sure my headache deminished.
Now that is skill. =D
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Hehe, mission accomplished! :w00t:

Sometimes I do wish it were a real painting though - although that would mean I would be keeping it all to myself.... :plotting:

Thank you so much! :heart:
Scream-Deafening's avatar
haha. Hurrah. ^___^

I know the feeling; once finished take to Big W and print out... costly yes; but can be totally worth it seeing it in print, changes works so much. o.o

Very welcome! As always. :heart:
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Yeah I have actually considered going to a printing company and getting it done. =O Hehe, who knows, I just might one day.... :plotting:

Scream-Deafening's avatar
Sounds awesome. ^^ I printed some of my drawings off at Big W, so the quality wasn't fantastic, but I couldn't believe how they came out. xD They look completely different when you can hold it up and look closer without blinding yourself on the monitor lights. haha

Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Did you print them on canvas, or paper? Canvas looks so pro... but then the whole faux painting look might seem a tad tryhard... o.o
Do the colours stay the same? Is it shiny? :xD:
Scream-Deafening's avatar
Glossy paper. ^^ Framed them up all nice as gifts.
But you can get matte paper, and various others. The colours depend on where you go, sometimes they come out vibrant, sometimes pink (our BigW got a new machine... it's baddddd) but it tends to be very close to the actual image. =) For something like yours I would suggest finding a specialty shop, and ask for examples of their previous work. xD But I'm obsessive.

Mine turned out quite bright whith the coloured, but that worked because it was Hello Kitty. lol. But again, depends on the place you go and quality of image inthe first place.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
OMGGG I am so tempted to do a pic just so I can print it right now... D:
Heyy - that sounds great! I always thought printers dulled image colours - guess I was wrong! :D

Nup, Big W sounds good enough to me~! :evillaugh: I officially love them very much now. :heart:
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Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:heart: Thank you so much! :D
harto's avatar
holy crap mayo..this is unbelievable...u did that by PAINT! man..iv like...stood still with my fotoshoppin to giv way for my maths..buh man..uv been shooting outta this world...i think u can make this ur career! anywhos..come check out my "beautiful" piece and tlel me how it's probabli my latest i think..dnno havn been makin any since nsg..
missin u~
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Aww... don't feel bad! I suprised myself with what I did with this piece. :aww:
It was wiser for you to focus on your Maths - I'm starting to get reeeeallly lazy with my Maths homework... :paranoid: I still wanna become an engineer (:heart:) - do you still wanna be a car ceo? :D
I'll check it out as soon as I can - can't wait. ;P
:hug: Missing you too~! :heart:
naravox's avatar
Wonderful mix of different angles and subjects! :love: This is very good and skillfully done, the concept is great and the dark colours look amazing. :jawdrop: And don't scrap this, tgis is way too detailed and awesome to be scrapped!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Haha, I am a huuuge sucker for dark colours! :XD:
Thank you, I really appreciate all your comments! :dance:

And don't worry, I will probably just update this deviation. :aww:
GrenadierJorinde's avatar
*_* oh sooooooooooo good. I could stare at it all day! I love your shading and colours for the middle panel!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:wow: Orly? :excited:
That makes so happeee~! :dance::heart:
I'll definitely remember that when I finish it!
GrenadierJorinde's avatar
Of course pudding! It's fantasmagorically cool!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:aww: Haha - you're too kind. :D
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