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WIP: Poker Face

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Watch the World Burn

:pointr: Panel 1: Poker Face
:pointr: Panel 2: Night Vision
:pointr: Panel 3: These Scars

:pointr: Panel 1: Wanna Know How (Stranger)
:pointr: Panel 2: Nightvision (The Dark Knight)
:pointr: Panel 3: Poker Face (Here's My Card)


I left this one until last because if was a bit risky doing his face. Yeah, I know it looks nothing like Heath Ledger. :(

But in terms of the Joker's makeup, I recommend his face as a great starting point for drawing faces. Obviously one reason is that he is awesomely sexy (:lol:). No, his mouth is easier to paint because of the makeup and scars - they were very fun to shadow and things - and his face isn't smooth, so you can use its lines to help you make expressions and things. I used to hate drawing mouths, now all I have to do is Jokerify... :O

Let's not talk about the hair, although my sister seemed to like it a lot.... :hmm:

The fire is the pile of money burning in the background. He's holding the playing card, about to flip it to show you. Also, being to the right of "Wanna Know How (Stranger)", I wanted it to look like he caught one of the falling cards.

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This is stunning, the detail in the facial expression is just fab, well done! Be proud of this! And all the others of course lol! Blaaaargh ranty rant lol
Z-Zag-girl's avatar
Amazing. The coloring and shading and everything on this is just incredibly amazing. Beautiful job.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Hey, sorry for replying so late, but thank you! :hug:
And thanks for dropping by and commenting! ;P
Z-Zag-girl's avatar
No problem.
And you're welcome. :D
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Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Wow, thanks! :D I really appreciate it~!
If you're interested I just posted a new version up. :)

Btw, love the avvie! :dance:
(sorry for the late reply :()
Beatlemaniac1's avatar
No problem ^_^

I'll go check out the new version.

Thanks! The Beatles rock.
Faryuu's avatar
You are cool. And your art is. And so is the Joker.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:rofl: Straight to the point. :XD:
^-^ Thank you so much - and thanks for the watch!
I'm sorry I got around to you so late... >.<
Faryuu's avatar
You're welcome and thanks to you also for the watch. I really appreciate it.
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Awesome job man!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Yay, thank you so much! :heart:
Thanks for dropping by to take a look, too! :dance:
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XD That's so frikkin' BEAUTIFUL, man!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:excited: Aww, thanks so much! :boogie:
(Sorry for the late reply! :ohnoes:)
rooroo24's avatar
Wow, very good! It looks really 3-D and all that. And it has flames in the background :flame::flame::flame::flame:!!!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:excited: Yay, thank you so much! :hug:

:iconkillthatwithfire: Oh yes indeedy it does.... :plotting:
Sizerlyxdxthh's avatar
Amazingly details :)
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Aww, thanks for dropping by and liking! :heart:
Sizerlyxdxthh's avatar
Ur welcome ^_^ It's seriously a good picture :love:!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:aww: Aww, you're too kind... :hug:
Sizerlyxdxthh's avatar
it's no problem at all! :glomp::hug:
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
... I guess I'll take that as a compliment...? :XD:
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