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Tabuu is Nothing

First day of school tomorrow... :paranoid:

:star:FULLVIEW please!:star:

Yeah anyways - TAKE THAT TABUU!!! You and your teleporting skills can eat my Aether!
Ike ftw! :#1:

Originally I was going to have the pic in natural colours, with Tabuu's dying pose reflected in Ike's eye - but his eye was too small, and skin colour doesn't go with much.

Just trying out something new with the pen tool too. :aww:

Hope you enjoy, can't remember anything else I wanted to say... :(
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much of that made no sense, but its very good anyway. I really like the eye. I wish i could draw eyes...
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:lol: Haha, yeah it was a bit of a whim.... :O

Eyes are very easy and fun to draw, they're all the notes I take in English... :XD:
rooroo24's avatar
i was drawing watch faces all english class the other day...and then i accidently threw the piece of paper in the paper recycling so i dont have it any more...
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Noo, how could you? Watches are holy, they are. :paranoid:

Lol, the crapness of English. ^^; So true...
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I really like your use of gradient, especially on his hair! Very nice highlights.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:excited: It makes me so happy you noticed! :dance:
Thanks so much for the encouraging comments, I really do appreciate it! :hug:
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Oh, oh, oh, Ike XD I've been too busy with No More Heroes lately rather than SSBB... but still XD
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:O No More Heroes? Would that be the suspicious Japanese game you were playing the other day? :lol:

Hehe, thanks for commenting! :D
Scream-Deafening's avatar
Why would you remind me of school?

This is really cool, I like the shapes and such.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Haven't you finished school already? :lol:

:aww: Thanks for commenting! :glomp:
Scream-Deafening's avatar
Kind of, I dropped out of year 12 earlier this year, but doing a tafe course right now. Today was the last day of holidays. -sighs- And I was too sick to go out at all.

You're welcome. :hug:
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D Sometimes it is wiser to go to TAFE. ;)
Are TAFE's holidays at the same time as the school ones? :O (today's my last day too - I really won't be able to do anything here soon... :()
Scream-Deafening's avatar
Depends on the course you take. For me, they are the same, though I finish earlier at the end of the year, but that's because the course is only an eighteen week course. Though, I have a feeling I'm going to finish some of my classes early anyway. lol.

Aww, well you have to do well in school, and though you will be missed here, the time will suddenly be over and you'll be able to spend all the time you want here. =D AND have your school career all finished with a great mark, high credentials and a pretty bow. =P
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Yeah, finish earlier and get experience in the workplace longer. Or something like that. :XD:

:icongrin--plz: When you put it like that, yeah! There is hope!
:#1: Haha, thanks for the encouragement (and the promise of a pretty bow)! :w00t:
Scream-Deafening's avatar
lol, yepp. ^^ And move out ealier! =D

You're quite welcome. I'm glad you're pushing forth with it.
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