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.TP: Between Two Worlds.


This was a sort of request for :iconfalchion1984:*Falchion1984. I really hope you like it! :D
I know it's probably not what you intended in the first place, but I hope you don't mind. :)

*Falchion1984 gave me a number of suggestions, and I was inspired by a suggestion to do a picture of Link's wolf transformation. I considered making his purple parts green to symbolise how Midna transformed him (if my memory serves me correctly). The orange light is the twilight, and I think it always goes well with purple.

Before you overload me with criticism, please bear in mind that I don't own a pen tablet. As a result it actually gets quite physically painful to paint things. :stab:

I also did not intend this piece to have realistic lighting. It was supposed to be more symbolic. And I understand I got a bit lazy with his hand and the arm fur. I will pay for that later.

Took me about 4-5 hours, I have no idea. Photoshop CS2, basic circle brush with a few modifications.

:heart: Please enjoy.
[ARRGHHH I REALLY NEED TO STOP FANARTINGGG. And get a hold of my emotions... *strokes beard* Aaah I forgot to put my sig on it. :(]

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:O Is this link i see...Woo! Awesome TP is thee best :)
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:excited: Wow, I'm so happy you liked it! :w00t:
Thank you~! Haha, I agree. :aww:
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*is really slow with this* XD

I really like the idea of this, Link in the middle of transforming. Wow! The colouring is amazing, the fur shading... Just everything... *w*

Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Lol! Me too... don't worry... :XD:

Yeah, I really liked the concept too! (*takes no credit for it*... *Falchion1984 *pointpoint*) :paranoid:

Anyways, thank you soooo much! :glomp: Yay! :w00t:
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Very cool, i like the teeth...(well, i like anything sharp)

and i misread your artist comment as "i really need to stop FARTING..." which was slightly awkward for a moment...
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
LOL! :rofl: How cool... :XD:

:O Haha, what an unfortunate misreading... :lol: I can imagine! ;P
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Nice, looks good.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:heart: Thank you! Thanks for leaving a comment, too. :D
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This is considerably different than what I had in mind, but I like it all the same. The way the fur is coming in at various parts of Link's body is pretty cool as is the way his fingernails are partway through the transformation. The background is indistinct but the twilight orange coloring is appropriate and the way he's eyeing his form gives the impression that he's startled by his new form which is also a nice touch. I do have a couple of questions though. First, why is the image so small? Link's lower body and half his face are not in view and I think showing them, and ther transformations there, would be cool. And, why does Link have an yellow eye? Well, thanks ever so much in any case and catch you later.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:D That's awesome to hear! Thank you so much. I really love it when people give such detailed critiques - it's rare but awesome. :aww:

I hope I can answer your questions:

Okay, number one. When I was drawing the sketches I was trying out something new, because I usually do full body poses. I felt that using close views would also match with the scene in the game. Although I do agree it would be more interesting if I had showed the transformations all over his body. :)

Second one - I wanted to have a blue eye, but it looked odd with the colour scheme. So I made his eye yellow with a bit of purple to reflect the light around him.

Thanks for the wonderful critique again, and thanks for faving! :D I am so glad you liked it. :)
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I think I understand your reasoning. I think one suggestion, that might fill both our purposes, is for him to be craning his head around to look at the changes in his body. That way, it would still be a close view and more of his head would be there. And, yeah, the color change in the eye does make sense now that you've explained it. Thanks ever so much for doing this for me and catch you later.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:aww: My pleasure! I'm glad that it fulfilled some of our purposes. :D
Falchion1984's avatar
As am I, thanks again and catch you later.
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Very nice! Despite your struggles with painting, I think all the textures from it look really cool. ^_^
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:heart: Aww, thanks so much! I was worried about the textures, but thanks! :D
oxi-moron's avatar
you're welcome :)
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heehee very cute!
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