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Indestructible X

I made this a while ago right after watching X Men Origins: Wolverine, and only finished it roughly today.

It's called "Indestructible X"... as in the indestructible metal adamantine, and X for X-Men and some other meaning which I forget.


Wolverine are so hot.

I'm particularly happy with the clouds and the explosion. The whole pic is done in a similar style to: [link] also using Photoshop's pen tool, noise and gradients.

Hope you like it, and the style! :heart:

<will probably add more artist's comments soon... just having a mental blank atm...>
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all i can say is grrrrrr <3_<3 !
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Totally kick-ass. I love the action in this. :D
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I like the atmosphere of it, in particular the shading looks really good. Awesome colours, as always :D And your style is so cool~
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I just find something oddly unsettling with his eyes being just white triangles... I dunno man, I dunno... but the overall composition is quite nice

It was an alright movie, I still can't forgive what they did to Wade... can't wait 'til they do a Deadpool movie independent of the X-men franchise
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I like your use of shape. The clouds are cool, and probable my favourite cos they curl and poof!. It looks great all over.
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Ooh, I like how everything just works together in this piece...very nice~
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This scene was awesome. He needed to have a cigar in his mouth, though, as he walked away. That would've put the cherry on the cake XD.
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:O You know what? You're totally right! :D I knew I was missing something!
Awesome idea, I might add it later!

Thanks! :hug:
pluginbliss's avatar
you've made him look adorable and awesome at the same time :D

i really like the use of textures in the smoke clouds and ground

great work :heart:
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:boogie: Yay, mission accomplished! :D
Thank you so much! ;P
Scream-Deafening's avatar
Zomg, amazing. ^____^ I really love the style of this, and the other, wanting to get to bed early, so only commenting one for now. But I really love how this looks, the clouds/smoke are really interseting and clever, and the colours are perfect. I love the textures and the fact he has a shadow! Really wonderful work!
:heart: :heart: :heart:
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:dance: Yaaay, thank you! That was a really thoughtful comment! :D
Scream-Deafening's avatar
Very welcome. ^^ haha, thoughtful/dazed, similar I guess. ;)
King-of-Sweden117's avatar
Haha, brilliant ^_^

I loved this movie, even when it had really ridiculous scenes :)

Did you notice the arrow on the road pointing the wrong way when we first see the farm people? Ahh, the perils of filming in NZ with silly editors
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:w00t: Like hell it had some ridiculous scenes... :evillaugh:

I didn't actually notice myself, but I remember reading it somewhere - man, I just love it when people film big movies in Aus or NZ! It makes me feel loved~ :heart:

Thank you! :D
King-of-Sweden117's avatar
I know, me too! It gives me a warm fuzzies buzz ^_^

And seriously, the scene with Remy on the fire escape ladder? And when Logan jumps down the waterfall :XD:
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Rahaha, those were awesome! :D
Not only does he jump off a freaking huge waterfall, he does it naked! :lol: I still remember the bit where he walks away from Victor on the Island and then gratuitously comes back to save Kayla without a shirt. o___O I lol'd.
King-of-Sweden117's avatar
I know. Basic plot summary: "I am Logan, a sexxy beast" *Flex,growl,flex* *gratuitus violence*

*Sigh*. My kind of movie...
RussellLim's avatar
Looks great! Love the smoke. :D
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:aww: Heyy, thank you~! :w00t:
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cool guys dont look at explosions.
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