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3 - These Scars

:star:If you have the time, please comment! I have a lot to say about this, so ask me questions too!:star:

It's been a few weeks since I finished this, but I thought I should hurry up and submit it...

Thanks to =joannchilada, ~zeverith, ~xKuroiCloudx and ~AmyEli for their really helpful crit on the first WIP (see links below)! I couldn't help but finish this instead of studying... it was really fun to do. Oh yeah, and from now until I complete all three, you still have a chance to give me crit on this one.

Just remember again I didn't use a pen tablet, so it was pretty painful.

I smoothed the textures and mainly just reworked the face and gloves. If anyone noticed I also added patterns/textures to his clothes (his shirt is so cool...).

"These Scars"! :#1:

(yes, I changed the title and switched it's place with Poker Face like it was in the very beginning)


More detailed comments and larger images on the artworks' respective pages.
Watch the World Burn

:pointr: Panel 1: Poker Face
:pointr: Panel 2: Night Vision
:pointr: Panel 3: These Scars

:pointr: Panel 1: Wanna Know How (Stranger)
:pointr: Panel 2: Nightvision (The Dark Knight)
:pointr: Panel 3: Poker Face (Here's My Card)


By the way, join *TDKJokerLovers! :dance:

Oh yeah and ~UnderSuppliedArtists! People without pen tablets unite! :XD:
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Oh Lawd...This is hawt Nuu  Heart
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
Thank you for faving!
Idigoddpairings's avatar
Verrrry sexy and that tongue looks really good the texture looks realistic, awesome work :D
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:w00t: Thank you so much! :dance: I really appreciate it!
Zamzummimz's avatar
Holy hell that's awesome! :faint: very nice work. Love the tongue! :drool: :heart: :3
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
>_< So sorry for the late reply! :ohnoes:
But thank you so so much!! :glomp: I really appreciate it!
dark-knight-felix's avatar
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:lmao: Hahaha, I appreciate it! :XD:

(sorry for the late reply, lol :noes:)
dark-knight-felix's avatar
tis okay.
I likes this style.
LordRedemptionBlaze's avatar
why so serious?
i love that!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:lol: Hahaha, thank you!
(sorry for the late reply! :X)
LordRedemptionBlaze's avatar
don't worry i'm a busy man!
paNiiK's avatar
Wow this is amazing :heart:
How did you do those little details on his tie and gloves? :faint:
Especially without a tablet..Bloody hell ..
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
>.< Sorry for the late reply! D:
Thank you so much for your comment! :heart:
Trust me - it took a lot of hard work and a painful hand at the end - but I think it was worth it! :#1:
orange-chalk's avatar
It looks so, so awesome! ^^
You have amazing skill and I can't believe you did it without a tablet O_o I love the colour and the lighting and the awesome textures. And the fact you can only see part of his face, but you see the falling joker card. I don't think I get all the references(I don't actually know much about the joker) but it looks really really fantastic! I also greatly admire the way you draw hands, especially the one in the middle. It looks so real! And the knife is kinda creepy. ^_~ The more I look at it the more things I see.
Good job! ^^
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:w00t: Awwwww thanks Choco! My mission is complete! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Hehe that was an awesome comment, I'm so happy! :glomp:

MegJ's avatar
lol wow I'm slow.


But JEEZ... This turned out... incredible....
And now I have a higher appreciation for it (Didn't see TDK until a while ago ^^;)
Just... :wow: Whoah.... I'm stunned... so impressed!

How the heck did you do that WITHOUT a tablet?!?!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
;) Heheh, trust me - I'm slower.... don't apologise! :XD:

:w00t: Yaaay! Join the dark side! :D

But thank you so much - I'm so happy! :wow: Hehehe, I'm not actually sure if I can do something like that again soon... :paranoid:

x-cicikiz-x's avatar
This is just to amazing for words


It musthave taken a huge amount of time and effort to produce something this awsome =D

I love it!
Reno-s--Brain's avatar
:aww: Wow, thank you so much! :hug:
It really did - I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the other ones like I did this one... :D
:heart: Thanks again, I really do appreciate it!
x-cicikiz-x's avatar
Really no prob, its just way too cool =D
SinMisericordia21's avatar
this is so awesome, everything on it looks perfect :drool:
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