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The Avengers VS Star Wars

By Renny08
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In which I make fun of the fact that, for the whole Thor and The Avengers movies, I silly addressed Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson as Padmé and Mace Windu...all the time. °_° And in which I keep on putting Anakin in though situations! XD Luckily he's my favorite character lol...

Please full view or download!! It is a big file...

Mace is going to grow Nick Fury's beard while he's on his way, I know :XD:

No seriously, I know this is stupid, but I felt like drawing it. As you can see, the drawings are kinda rushed though, that's why I'm not sure I like it very much...oh well, I have no inspiration lately. I should draw for work and for exams, but somehow I can't concentrate...

I had much fun drawing Thor again anyway! :D dunno if I gave him justice, but still :XD:
Oh, and on a side note: I meant to portray his usual naive behavior, like he's not seeing the damage going on at all xD that's why he's greeting Anakin that way... :P

Hope you enjoy and bear with my idiocy! x°D
I'll try to come up with something better as soon as possible!

P.S.: You do recognize Mace's ringtone, right?? :'D
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This is hilarious!!! I love crossovers!! I loove it! The bit with Thor was awesome!

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Wow that's harsh......

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Anakin: but...
but my wife...
[angst intensifies]

Anakin: I'm a man!
Obi-Wan: You're a dude. [points to Thor] THAT is a man.
Ahsoka: It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel...
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I don't think there's enough credits in the Galaxy to pay Mace Fury for dealing with all the trouble (Loki, Rogue Sith) that the Jedi and Avengers end up getting into.
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On the bright side, #2 probably means he'll make a better Jedi.
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Oh god damn it, Thor.  They were so happy together.
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OMG, I love this one, Mace Windu is Nick Fury, because that was utterly priceless, not to mention hilarious! And Anakin was like; "What the hell just happened?!" And ever more at the end, with Padamé and Thor, pure awesomeness!
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Wait a sec...isn't Thor Kirk's dad?
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Star Wars. Not Star Trek
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I know but are Kirk and Thor played by the same person?
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😂😂😂 Oh GOSH !! This is HILARIOUS !
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pretty lovable and fun, your anakin depictions like a good father make my wife feel sad and smile at the same time, dont worry, its a good thing, we were just viewing the episode 3 last part when i found your beautiful art, the feeling were amazing, THANKS... and MERRY XMAS Renata! 
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So that's were mace windu went after order 66
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Why I always is the only one who feel offended by your drawing? Your art is just great, but the idea...Last time you insulted Slytherin, now you make me feel sad about Star Wars and Anakin. One suggestion, just stop comparing things or judging things. They really hurt. 
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Hey there! I’m sorry you felt offended by the drawings.
Please note that they’re in no way meant to be read the way you did; they’re meant to be ironic crossover jokes between things I love identically.
The idea behind the Harry Potter/Star Wars parody was actually meant to support Slytherin…
I made this drawing five years ago and probably didn't explain myself very well in the drawing's description, so let me recollect the thoughts I had back then to explain. :)
The Slytherin joke actually takes its roots in a concept existing in the actual Harry Potter book series (from 1 to 7, not counting “The cursed child” as it hadn’t come out yet back then) a concept I disliked, that is: Gryffindor= mostly good guys/protagonists, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw= mostly good guys/supporting characters, Slytherin= mostly bad guys/antagonists, with very few exceptions.
In short words, that drawing was supposed to be a parody on how, in the books, the Sorting Hat seems to put most of the "bad" people, or better, the antagonists, in Slytherin, almost regardless of their personality (and the same concept, with sorting the "heroes" in Gryffindor, or sorting entire families of heroes in Gryffindor). Slytherin people eventually becoming Death Eaters, Slytherin person eventually becoming Voldemort, Death Eaters’ children being sorted into Slytherin…
In the Harry Potter world from book 1 to 7, that sounds a little like: if you are a Slytherin, then you're probably gonna become a bad guy when you grow up (hence the parody parallel with Anakin eventually going Dark Side, becoming Darth Vader and being sorted in Slytherin even though he doesn’t share many actual Slytherin’s traits). And if you already are a bad guy, you probably were in Slytherin back in your school days. This thing gets a bit exaggerated by the 5th book, where there wasn't any Slytherin in Dumbledore's Army, for example. Later on, when Snape turned out to do good deeds, ceasing to be an antagonist, Dumbledore tells him he should have been a Gryffindor. So it seems the main story isn’t really considering that a Slytherin can be a good guy, or a protagonist, or decide to do the right thing or to be brave, not giving Slytherin’s house much justice.
All of this sounded a little unfair and stereotypical, considering  that other houses, especially Gryffindor, almost don't have any bad guys in them (I can only think of Peter Pettygrew, right now).
Harry Potter books are great, the story is awesome and it portrays lots of good values, so it’s weird for the house system to be like this. I think it’s a bit limiting to have one house generically represent protagonists/good guys (Gryffindor) and one house generically represent antagonists/bad guys (Slytherin).
Slytherin personalities traits are "cunning and ambitious" and so on. Not "bad guys" or "growing up to be bad guys". In fact no one says or thinks that Slytherins are bad guys or have a bad reputations in the real world, but the books seem to consider them like that most of the times.
So, considering a hypothetical and ironical sorting of Star Wars characters, I went to the extreme -as parodies often do- and portrayed Anakin as a Slytherin: he doesn’t share many Slytherin typical traits, but he got sorted there following the books’ logic, where  “bad guys” or “future bad guys”/antagonists have to be sorted in Slytherin with no apparent reason, and good guys/protagonists “have” to be sorted in Gryffindor (for example Obi-Wan, much as Hermione, would share way more Ravenclaw traits than a Gryffindor’s, but the drawings parodies the books logic so he’s a Gryffindor.  And again, bad guys AND good guys should be sorted everywhere according to their actual personalities. Tom Riddle didn't become Voldemort because he was a Slytherin, he became Voldemort because of his own reasons and issues!!). That's why he looks grumpy -and Ahsoka teases him-  not because he's a Slytherin, but because he feels like a bad guy, according to the books' logic. In the books, other students have LOTS of prejudices against Slytherins house and the parody wanted to underline that with Ahsoka's line.
Of course I see why the books may have done that: I’m pretty sure this served as a narration device to simplify things (good guys vs bad guys), especially at the beginning of the HP series. Maybe J.K. Rowling herself did this on purpose, to underline the existence of prejudices since the characters’ childhoods, taking the form of different houses.
In facts, since Pottermore came out (months after I made this drawing) sorting in the real world actually follows a right logic, valuing people’s actual character traits and finally valuing all four houses. So, of course, real world Slytherins aren't bad people at all nor their house has a bad reputation. :) They are justly considered for their true qualities.
I purposely (and ironically) didn’t consider characters actual personality traits NOR the actual houses’ traits in the drawing, in order to underline a stereotype found in the books that bugged me a bit. So I wasn’t “insulting” Slytherin, quite the contrary. And I’m still a fan of the Harry Potter series.
However, my bad for not fully explaining all of this in the drawing’s description, and for not being able to convey the concept in the drawing itself. I’m sorry it lead to a misinterpretation of my thoughts!
As for the Avengers crossover, I just joked around the fact that Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson play crucial roles in both Star Wars and Marvel universes, which to me was a funny thing, worth a funny crossover between the two fandoms. Please go read the drawing’s description, it’s explained there in the first two lines. Also, if you look at my gallery, you should see I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, so why would I want to make people feel sad about it? I’m the first one that gets sad when people hate on SW! This was just a joke, shared with people who, like me, love both Star Wars and Marvel and are willing to see the funny side of it. It's not like Mace Windu's character could actually switch between two universes, or Padmé's character would choose or prefer to hang out with Thor leaving Anakin alone. The actors playing them just happen to play Nick Fury and Thor's girlfriend, too.
So yeah, I wasn’t “comparing” nor “judging” things. I was just being self-ironic about fandoms I equally love, no offense was meant by that nor any of those bad things you mentioned. Hope you understand.

One last thing… while the Avengers/Star Wars drawings makes things pretty clear in the description, I may not have clearly conveyed my message with my Slytherin drawing five years ago, but regardless, I had the best intentions with both drawings and with all the fandoms involved! Next time, please try voice your doubts, trying to ask first so that one can explain, instead of jumping at the immediate conclusion that someone you don’t even know is being a judgemental person, hating on fandoms and making people feel sad and hurt on purpose; especially when it’s about fictional worlds that we all are passionate about, and that should create friendship and constructive debate between us.

Thank you! :)

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Oh my-
did you really take the time out of your day to show that you care?
Kudos to you!
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Haha yeah! I'm not really that happy that I ended up writing all that, actually, but the person was being kinda rude with all they assumed, and getting everything wrong... so I guessed that if anyone saw their comment, they might be interested in hearing the response too :)
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