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Star Wars - Smile

By Renny08
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Hi there guys!
I know it's not much, but I managed to make a Star Wars fanart duh. Another Skywalker family one, actually :'D ahah the purists are so gonna get me this time.

This idea randomly came in my mind and I thought I'd draw it. Super simple, super fast, no background...yay!
I think I kinda wanted to make it look like they're taking a photo or something. So Padmé is basically pointing at the camera to show Luke what he should smile at :'D
Anakin, instead, is kinda disappointed and doubtful about the way Leia is looking at him haha. I'm sorry for drawing her pouting that way, but since she's the one who basically got more of Anakin's character out of the twins, and considering that in the actual story she definitely had some bad stuff going on with Vader, I thought that expression would fit! x)

As for the color, I tried hard to make something really bright compared to the stuff I did lately, but I'm not sure this is the effect I wanted to get haha!

Well, okay, nothing more to say, I hope you like it a bit even if it's really simple!

See you!! :)
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Anakin: why doesn't she like me

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Anakin: Great..............she doesn't like me.
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Leias face “she knows”
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The Force is strong in this one XD
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Hey, pal. Hmm. Luke is pretty bad as a drawing in this one. I really trully gotta admit that to you, Renny.

If you could redraw this pic in your availability with a version of LUKE more accurate to your other portrayals, it would really help out.

It's your decision of course at the beginning and in the end..
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Luke doesn't have the facial resemblance to ANAKIN in this picture, I am meaning.
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Oh wow, I haven’t stumbled onto this account since I was first roaming the deviant grasslands in my youthier youth... the difference is Now I know how to favourite so, here goes...
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This is so cute; I love Leia's pout.
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omg this is adorable!!! Leia being a little pouty fit towards her father is the best thing I've seen today ;w;
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I think this might be your best Star Wars themed piece! Leia's expression here is so adorable!
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So adorable! Honestly I always liked the idea of if palpatine never turned Anakin to the dark side and the sky walker family being a fully fledged thing. But hey, I still Love the story we got in Star Wars
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This is so Adorable!
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This is really cute!! Oh what could have been for the Skywalkers.
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This is adorable oml 😍
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This makes me smile every time i see it :)
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Great picture you guys hey where's obi wan?
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Holding the camera, probably.
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Renny08 what do u make the art on?
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Leia knows about Vader torturing her in another timeline.
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Hello. I was wondering if, with your permission of course, I could use this as the cover art for my Fanfic, "What Could Have Been", please.
Link to story:…
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I promise to credit you as the artist.
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I remember that someone on Tumblr commented on how despite looking more like Anakin, Luke's personality is more like Padme's and Leia's is more like Anakin's though she looks more like her Padme. Looking at this picture really helps show how true that is. 
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