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Star Wars - Like Father, Like Son by Renny08 Star Wars - Like Father, Like Son by Renny08
I finally finished this one :'D

Hahah, after all those Anakin's, I just thought I'd give mah dear Luke boy some love :D
And what background could suit them more than the epic Tatooine sunset shown in Episode IV? <3

Haha, actually, there's more to this pic...and if you know me, you also know what's coming- exactly!! HELL LONG DESCRIPTION/RANT AHEAD. Read to your own risk (or maybe don't read it at all).

Ok, so, since I came back into the Star Wars fandom I've talked with quite a lot people who claim to hate the New Trilogy, that "it sucks", that "the characters are bad" and so on. While I completely disagree with that, because both trilogies have their flaws and their own good things, and it's pretty much senseless to compare them since they are just so different (and if you really hate the NT you can just ignore it! The Classic can stand on their own after all) I have to admit that sometimes, during this kind of conversations, I have had these INSANE THOUGHTS like "Oh God, enough with this Classic Trilogy!!". Then, every time I realized what I was thinking, regained reason and I was like "What the hell am I thinking?? I LOVE the Classic Trilogy so much D:" and so I felt like clarifying something by drawing this thing...

Point is, I just hate it so much when people came to me just to insult the New Trilogy and say that I shouldn't like it. WTF? Everyone has the right to like what they like. In my case, the NT, Episode III in particular, has a very personal meaning to me. People can say it's the worst movie ever, and I will still LOVE every.single.second of it. And find the good in it.

Yeah, mostly when people insult the NT I feel like they're attacking Episode III, so I feel insulted as well...xD sigh! Ok it's stupid, but that movie means a lot to me...

Don't get me wrong: of course it's good to share opinions and talk, but some people with whom I talked (not here on dA yet though) are just really disrespectful of others and keep insulting like their opinion was God's word or something ._.'

My point is: only because you dislike the NT, or don't see the good in it, be it Episode I, II or III (like Obi-Wan couldn't see the good in Vader anymore, unlike Luke : D Oh ok I'll shut up now) doesn't mean that there isn't any, or that other people can't like those movies for their own tastes or simply for personal reasons, like having watched them in a particular period of their life (like happened to me) or just because they have different thoughts from yours... for example, let's take the most hated: in Episode I there may be a lot of bad things/script/whatever you want, but personally I love Qui-Gon's character, and how insecure Obi-Wan seems as a young padawan, and the final duel with Darth Maul. So what? For these reasons, I like Episode I (since I was 7 lol) and I can't really change that.

I really can understand where people who hate the NT come from though (and I never claimed one trilogy is better than the other) ; I know the feeling of waiting for something so much, hoping it will be cool and awesome and then feel disappointed, because it happened to me with other stuff. (as for SW, I watched the New before the Classic so...xD) But that doesn't mean they have to insult people who like all the six movies or make them feel like they are inferior or something...haha! XD Personal taste is personal taste lol.

Anyway, there are also people that love the Classic Trilogy more but still respect the New, and those are the guys with which is good talking and sharing opinions. But I guess this works with everything and every subject, not only SW. Nobody likes to talk with those know-it-all that only want to be right and feel superior to others. ._.

Sorry again for the long talk! I just wanted to make things clear on my side 'cause I had this on my stomach and I don't wanna fight over something I love so much...I just think everyone should talk respecting each other's opinions!

PEACE!!!! :D

And it was about time I'd drew these two together!!! I think I'm starting to see Luke's character under a new light, and I can't wait until I get the chance to re-watch the oldies 8D

I really enjoyed drawing this, even though it's a hard period for me and everything, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it :D

Now it's better that I go to bed because it's really late!

PS: yep, that awful round thing behind Anakin is Owen and Beru's house xD
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BenRG Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
Or, as Obi-Wan put it: "Oh Force, now there are two of them!"
DeadKnight1 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
What if these are the ponderings of Darth Vader about if all the garbage with the end of the clone wars didn't happen?
RainbowDashTheLoyal Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018
I love episode III! How he became Darth Vader is sooo sad, him trying to save his wife because he lost his mother. his lust for more power and the idea of losing Padme drove him over the edge.
llovesrarity Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017
Well, the reason Anakin became Darth Vader was because of his fatal flaw: anger. It consumed him and he became Darth Vader.
Ask--Darkstalker Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
*too much
llovesrarity Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018
What do you mean?
Ask--Darkstalker Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
no it was because he loved his wife
llovesrarity Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018
garrus368 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017
So cool
FluffyPuppy217 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017
poor luke is short I know how it feels rip
SawuScimitar74 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017
Father and son bonding! :D I think that Anakin would train Luke if he did not turn to the Dark Side. He is his father, after all. You did a fine job on this picture! :D
Scholarly-Cimmerian Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017
I love this picture, such lovely feels ^^
WFTC141 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
I wish this was supposed to be in Star Wars.
Christian-Omega Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
love it
CassandraAltman14 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
darthkurland Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016
LUKE: "I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
Many9919 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Great drawing and good debate on the fan base of SW. 'To each his own,' I say. I love all the movies, and the huge fan-base it has created. Sure, there are flaws in the FB and the movies, but nothing is perfect. 
Anyway, love the drawing, you do great work. Keep being awesome. :D
AhsokaTano1611 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student General Artist
your good at drawing! you make it look like it's super easy to draw Anakin! But it isn't for me anyway. I wish I was so good
serenawarren14 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016
DragonFOX777 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016
I love this, if Anakin never went darkside things would've been so different 
SawuScimitar74 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017
Things would've been different indeed. Who knows what would've happened. ;)
PickyPepper Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw...this is so cute! I love this so muchHeart 
AbigailBolin Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this♥️ And THANK you! I love the newer trilogy, especially episode II, even though there's obvs some poor writing, there's lots of emotion and great design (costumes, set location, etc). I get sort of tried of everyone making fun of the NT. The other day a teacher said episode II was terrible and I had trouble paying attention to anything he said for the rest of class lol. I do love the original trilogy though; I grew up watching it. But the newer has some important things going for it. I think people don't give it enough credit. Anakin went through a lot, and Padme was so mature for her age. Ani, Padme and Obi-Wan are my little dream team, even if they didn't make it... bad things happened, but I still love what they had in those episodes before the dark side seeped in. 
Legoranger Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016
Are the lightsabers supposed to glow and Luke's and Anakins are different. Sorry to be nit picky and nice drawing, better than the return of the jedi (special edition) ending. 
eregnar Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
Huh. Usually when I hear people attacking the prequels, it's one and two, begrudgingly admitting that three was actually pretty good. I like all of them just fine (though the original definitely had a lot more going for it, like Harrison Ford's ad-libbing). My least favorite is probably two, because the romance as portrayed in that one is kind of awkward. When I was a kid, it was "Romance. Boring." and as an adult it's more "um... they kind of made Anakin look like a stalker..." But I also really love that one because I bonded with the clones in "The Clone Wars" and I can enjoy watching them without the whole Order 66 thing souring the mood. And also because Ewan McGregor is hilarious and awesome in that one. I did see Classic before the Prequels (I was practically raised on Star Wars... I can remember watching it as a pre-school or early grade-schooler), but since I was so young when episode 1 came out, like you, I can enjoy it on it's own merits because I didn't have preconceived expectations when I first saw it. I'm also not much of a critic, and usually try to find something nice to say about any movie/book/whatever I'm exposed to. Though there are some things that just are no good for me (most anime, for example).

Anyway, about the picture: It's beautiful, and I love the camaraderie between father and son. Another "*Sigh* If only" moment :)
Red-Jirachi-2 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
To think: if Anakin was honest and admitted his marriage, he'd have his fellow Jedi to help him with family matters, and Palpatine would have to rewrite his own endgame
Sirvillhelm Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
I'm pretty sure the Jedi would condemn him for being romantically involved with padme, since its forbidden.
Red-Jirachi-2 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
That's dickish. No wonder he was full of contempt for the order
Maid0evil Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I completely agree; I grew up with the NT and watched it before the Original, so I don't see any issue with either really. They are both flawed and good in different ways. My theory on why so many people complain so much on the new trilogy is because they expect too much or want it to be like the old. Only problem is you can't make it like that.
SlayerWatcher237 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Nice AU. Sad that now it's like grandfather like grandson in a bad way.
TheBlckHood Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016   General Artist
Fox: I say Watching the animated Series helps make The Movies better, since you see the parts the movie missed for Anakin's slow descent into Darkness. (Mortis Episodes are some of my favorites)
zoofa1230 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 28, 2015
I actually recently got into the Star Wars fandom; so far I'm absolutely addicted, and I really like Anakin <3 I kind of wish there was more Anakin and Luke together fanart x'c
funsizedOtaku Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Student General Artist
Kawaii Papyrus Kawaii Papyrus Kawaii Papyrus Kawaii Papyrus Kawaii Papyrus Kawaii Papyrus 
mmibs Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
I so agree with you! I like the episode II the most, even more than the original trilogy, and I really don't feel like Hayden is such an bad actor as everyone seems to claim. I love how the new trilogy (idk if we can call it new trilogy anymore when there's the force awakens but whatever) tells the story of Anakin and I really don't get why people hate it so much :D

Anyways, this drawing is amazing, thanks for making it :) <3
SithArcher Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
This is really good; nice job. Also, I actually enjoyed reading your description/rant, as it provides you with a way of relief, as well as inform us on your current mental state xD
JayJayfan Featured By Owner Edited Dec 23, 2015
One thing; Anakin has his lightsaber, so Luke couldn't, which means that, in theory, Luke's lightsaber should be green. Also, why on Tatooine? But damn, great job!
Renny08 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
If you notice they're holding the same lightsaber, and it is the same lightsaber :) this one was meant to be some kind of SW poster of the two trilogies intertwining. So the lightsaber they both owned is the "symbol" of the passage from the NT to the OT. Tatooine is also the most symbolic place when it comes to Star Wars, in my opinion.
Thanks a lot! :D
nessie-of-loch Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
I completely agree with you about the NT! I love Episode I and I don't like having to always say that I only like it because it was the first Star Wars film I saw simply because almost everyone needs to hear a disclaimer from someone who says they actually like the NT. I like both!
sleepyhead12567 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
omg, I love their expressions. This is really cute. Love it so much :heart:
CerseiDM Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaaaaah I love this illustration!!!! :love: :heart: It's so beautiful! And the feels... I wish the both of them could have lived happily together...
Tailsnumber1 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student Writer
Cool. This is how it should have been. Father and son defending the galaxy together.
rababco Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Luke really resembles his father. It's cool that Luke is able to train with his dad. It would be cool to see Leia being trained too; one of the complaints I have about the series is that Leia was never given the chance to given the chance to train like her brother because I find it hard to believe she didn't have the same innate abilities as her dad and brother and when they found out she was Luke's brother they should've trained her like they did her brother. It's not really fair to tell people what other people like. Personally, I thought the third movie was kind of disturbing because it was so dark and sad; I know that's the storyline and it had to happen that way but it still gave me an uneasy feeling but maybe that's why you like it so much.
Gerundive Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I seriously would of wanted to see this in the movie and not darth Vader cutting his own sons hand off. Don't get me wrong though darth Vader is still a favorite
TonyToriusImages Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Like father, like son. Great picture of Anakin and Luke Skywalker using lightsabers.
RebellingLemming Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
k3ttch Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
This is great! My headcanon in this continuity is that Luke's apprenticed to his Aunty Snips. 
rababco Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think Leia should be her Aunt Snips padawan and Luke should still be his Uncle Obi-Wan's padawan or be trained by his father. I could also imagine Anakin just unofficially training both the twins rather than them being someone else's padawan.
Tailsnumber1 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student Writer
Wow. That's actually a pretty cool idea.
Spoon300 Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Student Writer
Adorable! So glad Disney Infinity makes moments like this possible
Japanfan89 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Student Writer
And that's where Time Paradoxes happen, and all of canon goes out the window.
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