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Star Wars Heroes

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Lol no, they're obviously NOT the only heroes in Star Wars, we all know that...let's say they're just my favorites! :dummy: (I didn't include Ahsoka just because these guys are all from the actual movies!)

I don't really like this one...I feel like I didn't put much effort in it. It's just a bunch of faces!!! Maybe now I'm "used" in doing backgrounds and in having stories behind my pics, so this one feels a bit...I dunno. Different...

I posted it up for several reasons, one, I'm not dead :D just really tired, and since I have commissions and other work I have to do I didn't feel like drawing for myself lately :< I have some ideas I wanna finish though, and they should be better of this collage of faces haha! XD
Second, I wanted to draw Qui-Gon and especially Luke, Leia and Han from the OT!! I never give those guys the love they deserve!!

This drawing at least helped me understand that I have a lot of practice to do before I get characters I'm not familiar with right, or at least get myself satisfied with how I draw them.

Luke, for example. It doesn't look a bit like him, it's just a blonde guy with a white shirt x°D gotta draw him more.

Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan, why can't I get you right?? In my eyes he always looks wrong when I draw him. Gotta draw him more.

Qui-Gon...well, he has pretty peculiar features so he was easier than the most of the new guys I drew.

Han. I worked so hard to get his likeness because I love him so much...but I dunno...what do you think?

Leia...she's a girl, so I knew I was going to have trouble with her x°D but she could've ended up much worse, so...

Padmé, well, she doesn't look like Natalie Portman at all (sigh) but I think it's my way of drawing her XD

And Anakin...I think my Anakin has never been Hayden x°D he's been just Anakin from the very first time I drew him...and I like that, yeah :D

I hope you like it just a bit ;A; at least I hope you find it fun to have a look at how I struggled to draw some new characters!! x')

And tomorrow...THE AVENGERS!!! Yeah, i can't wait to go to the cinemaaaa 8D

But now I'm only gonna go to bed!!

See you soon guys! :D
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WaAaAaait——— is that Anakin I see.? 😂
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Really good. 
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The whole family. The children, the brother in law, the parents and the grandfather.
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Oh and the uncle too, almost forgot.
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Aw it's Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan! They're like father and son... :3
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They look awesome!✨TBH I think you could've made Leia's chin a little pointier like you did Padme's. 
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I love how Obi-Wan looks up to Qui-Gon, as if he was still wanting for him to be here :') 
(Yes, I am a HUGE fan of their relationship ^^ I love to picture them as father and son). Great drawing, really ;)
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O btw did u use photo shop?
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Paper and pencil first, then Photoshop for coloring!
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Anakin is a semi-hero...
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It looks so Disney-like
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Thanks a lot! :)
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I removed this from my favourites just to add this to favourites again

is there anything wrong with me
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Haha thank you so much!! :D Sorry I didn't see this comment earlier!
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Ugh, your Obi-Wan is amazing! kaomoji set 1 9/19 
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The Avengers was AWESOME!!!! I just watched it last Friday! I hope you like it!
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Han looks amazing
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