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Star Wars - Forgiveness

By Renny08
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Hi guys!!
This is a commission for :icontalismanlangley:, based off a scene of her very beautiful fanfic you can find here:…
Go have a look! :D

Haha, it's good to upload some Star Wars. I wasn't inspired to make my own due to exams, stuff and other fandoms, so luckily my commissioners took care of that ;) more to come very soon!

Thank you so much for :icontalismanlangley: for commissioning me!

Hope you guys like it!
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Now this is adorable! ;) (Wink) 
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What a moving moment!
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There is no forgiveness on the DARK side!!!!!

We own your SOUL little Anikan!!!!
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This looks great.
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The way Ani looks is just perfect. This is why I love him so much.

Also awesome job
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what is about, I guess thats Analin and maybe Luke or him as a kid, can someone explains me.
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It's him asking for forgiveness... The kid he's talking to is one of the youglings
( The one that had lines ) That he killed in Order 66.
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oh, so he is apologizeing for killing them in the past.
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Yes... Thats about it!
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oh, nice and that put me in a akward moment to interrupt them..., is nice see-ya.
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Oh my god I actually read this.  It's so freaking sad.
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If Anakin was good and meet his son Luke :)
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Kids are so innocent. Any other guy would be like... 'Lemme think about that: NO'
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No, its one of the kids he killed in the prequel movies
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This is beautiful and so is the fanfic it goes with.
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Thanks for the picture. My first thought was like: "Hell, an illustration of a fic where Obi-wan get de-aged? Oh yes, please :) )
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Thanks for sharing this and the very beautiful story it's based on.
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