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Star Wars - Building A Podracer

By Renny08
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YES!! Another Star Wars fanart :D

Believe me guys, I can't believe it's finished!!
I've had this idea at least two weeks ago I think, but it proceeded veeery slowly... and whoa, for some reason, I like this thing. I know, it's nothing epic, nothing cool, it's just little Anakin working on his podracer with the other kids pushing him around a little like we see in Episode I (except for Kitster of course :D the dark skinned boy on the left and Anakin's best childhood friend! :D)

The thing is, I never thought I'd be able to make all this stuff fit into a single sheet of paper ;_; all the characters, and the podracer (it was meant to only be seen in part!) and the background... and I really had fun while doing it! :D
I really need to practice and do more of these "full" pics, with lots of characters and backgrounds and stuff, but it's not easy for one who doesn't have any patience duh!

Again, nothing particularly cool, but I hope you enjoy all these little kids the way I did while drawing them :D

See you soon!!

PS: these days I'm slowly going through the comments I left behind... sorry for the late replies ;_;
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Really good. 
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This looks great.
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Is that Padme on the 2nd R feeling her first affections for him?
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Nice. I remember this scene.
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Gorgeous work!  More personality and charm than the source material if I'm honest about it :)
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there's greedo being a jerk
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Great work.  Very impressive, I like it.
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Ah, it's always refreshing to see Prequel Love! :) I certainly love them enough to refer to them as "Star Wars: Season 1" instead of just "Prequels". :)
I can totally relate to the lack of patience! XD But I too have developed the resolve to practice more often! :)
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without kitster there would be no "wizard" in star wars. great job!DeviantArt 
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Anakin :You pervs
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I love Kitster (Anakin's friend). He's such a sweet character in the amount of time he's on screen, and is also abso-frickin'-lutely adorable :) According to his (Legends) Wookieepedia page, he eventually bought his freedom and worked towards improving the lot of slaves on Tatooine. 
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Ani be like: I can't wait for someone to shoot you first
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And it's finally his step-son who did 😂
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"This is SOOOO wizard Ani!!!"
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Love it! I love how everyone is doubting Anakin can get his pod racer to run. However, Anakin is determined to prove them wrong! You did a fine job! :D
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Random kid: Anakin, I don't think that part goes there.
Anakin: Back off! I know what I'm doing!
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Anikan's face is like "would you F*** off!"
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And to think that green kid's...gonna get killed by Han Solo years later...oooh my head hurts.
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There was a deleted scene in this film in which Anakin gets into a fist fight with Greedo and Qui Gon breaks it up.
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I saw that scene.
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Well, the more ya know..

And knowing is half the battle!

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