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Star Wars - Anakin and Obi-Wan

By Renny08
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Hi there guys!!

This is another Star Wars commission done for :iconibartalos:
It is for his two kids, Luke and Jake, who happen to be huge Anakin and Obi-Wan fans! :D
I really hope they will like it!

Thank you very much to Ian for commissioning me, and I hope you guys enjoy :)
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Their relationship throughout the prequel eras.

ROTS: "This time, we take him together."
"I was gonna say that."

Clone wars(2009) "what is that?"

"Lunch, *eats bug* you said we must learn to feed off of the living force."

The Clone wars: "hmm, tell me, where do you think the worm will enter? The nose or the ear?"

"Eughh.... Nose..."
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Awesome artwork of Anakin and Obi-Wan! :D
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*Sigh* Those two were such great... brothers? Father-son? Something in between? Whatever it was, it was beautiful, until stupid Palpatine messed everything up :(
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I think the best explanation is that Obi-Wan is like Anakin's big brother who had to take care of him because their dad, Qui-Gon died so Obi-Wan is both kind of like Anakin's father and brother. Yeah, what happened between them was really tragic, especially since Anakin would've never did that if he hadn't been basically brainwashed/mind-controlled by Palpatine/Sidious. I've finally found the Star Wars: The Clone Wars show and I just adore Obi-Wan and Anakin's brotherly relationship even and makes what happens in the end all the sadder.
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That's the perfect description of their relationship. He did look out for Anakin.
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I really love this artwork of anakin and obi-wan! U should come check out my artwork of anakin and obi-wan, tell me wat u think :)
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Will u be doing anymore Star Wars comics?
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I love your Ani and Obi drawings! You should draw one of Vader and Ben.
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Those were the days, my friend...

Lovely picture, especially the nifty poses stand out. And the confident smirks are very fitting. After all they are The Team (and they are sure they always will be).
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The way you drew them it makes them look as if they're in the middle of moving.


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I always looove seeing new Star Wars pictures(actually new pictures in general) from you :la: The poses are so dynamic and I absolutely love the angle :love:
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This is great! I'm sure they'll love it. They'd be mad not to. C:
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These are so COOL!!!!!
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Cool! ^^ I love the picture about Anakin and Obi-Wan. ^^
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