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Star Wars - A Skywalker's Life

By Renny08
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YES!! I did it! I finally drew something Star Wars related! :D

Well, uh, the title says pretty much everything, but this strip has more of a personal meaning to me haha. x)
I've had it in my brain for several months now and it's sole purpose is basically venting, but still...

You know that feeling you have when you would like to concentrate on yourself, on solving your problems, and other people just keep on asking you to do stuff for them, mostly work or things that only increase your stress and you basically have no choice but doing all of that they ask you because that's important stuff and it therefore it should come before anything else? YES.

And that's basically how Anakin feels in Episode III (and there's a line in the Matthew Stover's novelization that actually says that Anakin would like to be just left alone for a hour or two x) ), and the poor guy just can't catch a break.

Of course I decided to go humor about that :iconimhappyplz: but I really do feel like Anakin most of the time! :XD:
Another reason why he's my favorite character, haha. He's so stressed x)

I hope you like the... uh, let's call it "coloring style" x) I decided to go fast and rough because I didn't see any point in coloring this strip the way I usually do, not being any kind of set atmosphere or backgrounds :) overall I'm not disliking it that much, at least, I think it fits the mood, what do you think?

Now I gotta race to bed because it's very late and tomorrow academy and trains with snow delays wait for me. .__.
If I survive, I will catch you later haha!

Hope you enjoy!! :D
May the Force be with you!
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You could meme this and add the "DIRECTED BY GEORGE LUCAS" at the end. Maybe if the Jedi had given him a day off, he wouldn't have messed up the galaxy xP
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I appreciate this.... so much.... thank you....
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Aww, poor Ani <3
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well, that justify a bit, why he need it to become a Lord sith.
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Its just like being that one hard worker in a fast food restaurant...

Or being average height in a workplace full of short people.
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I hate to do this but...

Its sad, but if Lucas had focused on this in Episode III, a man so overwhelmed with juggling so much and everyone relying on him because 'he is the big hero' and he snaps because everything he is trying to prevent comes crashing down, I feel it would have been better recived

I still love Episode III though
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If you keep in mind that he probably had Borderline Personality Disorder, it makes a lot more sense. People like to make fun of Anakin and how whiney he is but he was probably had some pretty severe mental problems combined with massive amounts of stress, a psychopath manipulating him and a Jedi Order who weren't exactly helpful. Granted, I don't think Lucas did the best job portraying it, but still.
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I can actually hear their voices.
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"By the Force itself, can everybody just shut up for a minute?!!"
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I love the look on every one's face on the last panel. The look so derpy! XD
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The last panel would have changed the course of Anakins path. He tells runs to a R&R for a month and returns sheepishly when Padmes about to give birth.
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this would be me if i were Anakin XD
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Heh. Yes... everybody wants Anakin's help. I like the shocked expressions at the bottom. They're simplistic, but it works :)
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The truth to why Anakin went to the dark side :3
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Love the faces on the last bit.  *  *
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Yo can I use this in a presentation for school? I'll give you credit.
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I love this! You are completely right! I know how he feels sometimes. Especially because he is being forced to grow up when he is just an unstable teenager
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Actually, I think he was more in his early twenties by Episode III but he was definitely mentally unstable (it's thought he had Borderline Personality Disorder, which explains a lot actually) and he was under massive amounts of stress and being manipulated by a psychopath; he bound to snap at some point.
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Lol, I'm sure that's what he would say)))
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See? This is what happens when you put the fate of the galaxy on the shoulders of an emotionally-unstable teenager!
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I'll be damned if I didn't know anyone like him who wasn't me.
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