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SW - You Owed Me One

By Renny08
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Sequel pic to this one: [link] and it looks better in full view :)

The concept is exactly the same, only with older Ahsoka and roles switched :dummy:

:iconstarwarsrocksmysocks: said in a comment to the previous pic that it would be cool to see the same concept with older Ahsoka...that really inspired me but instead I switched roles, I thought it would have been funny xP

But I do believe Anakin is just teasing Ahsoka a bit...there's no way they can walk in a decent way if they stay like that haha! X°D so in no time Ani will just take aaaalll the rain.

I had so much fun drawing this one...and it also helped a bit 'cause I'm not doing that well lately :/ well, Easter holidays have ended and...I truly needed them to last more. I still have so much work to do...and instead, tomorrow I gotta get up at 5 to go to school and I don't think I can do it ugh.

This time no super long description, sorry!! :XD:
I gotta go because it's so late...I don't think I'll be able to sleep much anyway, oh well.

See you soon guys!! :D
Hope you enjoy!!

PS: I'm still answering comments! I'm taking long, I know, but I'm doing it!! :')) Thank you so much for leaving them!!
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Cute and funny.:XD:
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Now we need both of them caught without the poncho.
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Awww:) I miss Clone Wars.
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Hah! I love the baffled look on Ahsoka's face :)
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Such a cute sequel piece.nClap 
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Aww!  That is so cute!  Your art is amazing!
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ahsoka tano in star wars rebel
darth vader in  rebel 
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Tano probably has no idea what he's talking about. :XD:
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Haha! That's cute!! :)
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XD He WOULD do that...
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This is so cute :) Love it!
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Love it!
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Ahsoka's like: "Shut up, Skyguy." Funny! I liked this!
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Ahsoka's like, "Really Skyguy."
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I love all your arts and this is one of my favorites

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This and it's companion piece are adorable.
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Bahaha, this is adorable! I love how he barely fits under her cloak but she was practically drowning in his. XD
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