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SW - To The Stars
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Published: March 17, 2012
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This is a CLASSIC!!! Haha!! X°D

Anakin and Ahsoka looking at the stars...this VERY ORIGINAL idea suddenly came into my mind and I had to draw it!

I have to say it was more difficult than I had thought; I had several troubles in making them look like they were actually laying on the grass, with getting the right perspective, anatomy and such, but in the end I guess it turned out...kinda right?


At the beginning it was supposed to be a more light hearted pic, but then I just thought that Anakin isn't the kind of guy who'd just relax for a damn moment in his life and stop thinking about depressing things... haha no, I'm quite exaggerating now, but we who have read our beloved Matthew Stover's novelization of Revenge Of The Sith know very well that the thing that impresses Anakin the most is the fact that even stars burn out.

So my take at the stargazing subject from his POV, was that this is just another reminder of the moment in which he saw this dead star and realized that all things die (which as you know, is his main concern...). So the reason he has that worried/sad expression, as well as the tense position, relates to this.
I wanted him to look like he's not feeling comfortable at all, or he's already ready to get up at any moment...while Ahsoka is just enjoying the moment!! :> I like how her smile came out.

Also, I realized I hadn't drawn them since that fanart I uploaded at the beginning of February, which means MORE THAN A MONTH!!! Aaagh, it's time I come back to some brotherly pics with them. I HAVE IDEAS!! :'D

Well, I hope you enjoy it! :D

PS: No seriously...why the hell do I always write SO MUCH in my descriptions?? I mean, it's just a stupid drawing with my two favorite guys looking at the stars and look at how philosophical I got...I just can't help putting some strange meaning behind my stuff lol!
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Thank you for putting so much meaning into this piece.  It's very sweet and I absolutely love it!
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He was gona be the first one to see them all, but not is Ahsoka beats him to it.
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SaurusRock625Hobbyist Artist
The great Kings of the past watch over them from up there.
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Sweet ... but I also see something of a hopeful look on Anakin here, while the young one is just thanking the stars to be alive in this moment in time. 
It's a classic - I can totally picture that scene happening when they got a little down time.
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HiccariesHobbyist General Artist
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RandomFoxFanStudent Artist
sweet pic and drawing 
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Very special moment you did there! I like the fact that the Clone Wars gave them moments like this!
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starlightwhisper2109Hobbyist General Artist
All things die, Anakin Skywalker. Even the stars burn out.
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BrassStillsHobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of that part in The Phantom Menace where Anakin asks Qui-Gon Jinn about the stars in Tatooine.
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This is just beautiful :)

I have that novel, but I'm afraid to read it because of how Order 66 affects me... I have literally spiraled into bouts of depression after reading fan-fics set during the Order (and also the last "Republic Commando" book). I should brave it one of these days, though...
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kikkieabby1234Student Writer
I recently made a group dedicated to the Ahsoka turning evil (And being with Anakin) Please join, your art is amazing!…
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Ahsoka: The stars look beautiful tonight, Master.
Anakin: Ahsoka, when I was young age, Obi-Wan told me a story about the stars.
Ahsoka: What did he say?
Anakin: Our galaxy has billions of stars and every person carves their story in them.
Ahsoka: Including us?
Anakin: Yes. Every star has a special story of its own and if you are at peace, you can listen to them.
Ahsoka: Tell me another story about the stars.
Anakin: It's getting late, but okay. One more story.
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Jonas-WinchesterHobbyist Artist
"We're pals, right?"
"And we'll always be together, right?"

"Ahsoka... Let me tell you something that my Master told me... Look at the stars. The great Jedi of the past look down on us from those stars"


"Yes... So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those Jedi will always be there to guide you... And so will I"
Sadly, it didn't quite go like this...

Girl, how in the Force can you be so awesome? I love your art so much!! :')

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I was totally going to comment that. XD

Yeah... *sigh* if only...
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Such an awesome and lovely comment :')
Thank you so much my friend!
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starlightwhisper2109Hobbyist General Artist
Darth Mufasa!! O.O

Anakin.. 'fasa... No.
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Wow this is my fifth comment on this picture but just wanted to add how I really appreciate how young Anakin looks here... Like he's a kid who just can't understand why everything has to end...
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I really like moments like these.  Throughout The Clone Wars tv series it seems that the Jedi never stop to have any fun or just enjoy the worlds they visit.  Nice to see Anakin teaching Ahsoka to just sit back and take it easy once in a while.
Really wish there were some more scenes like that in Star Wars the Clone Wars. You captured the moment perfectly!
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seryfadraayStudent Traditional Artist
I love your gallery! you draw very well! 
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Anastasia122Student Digital Artist
I love your Star Wars art works :heart: 
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tonystardreamerHobbyist General Artist
Ah yes, Matthew Stover's novelization, without a doubt one of favorite Star Wars books of all time. I loved his almost poetic style of writing.

I don't know if the "even stars burn out" is actually cannon anymore, (considering Disney has done away with the entire Expanded Universe :X) but that fear that he had in the novelization really defined the character as a whole for me, both while he was a Jedi and a Darth.
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