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SW - So What?

Hell yeah!! Another Anakin and Ahsoka fanart! I love drawing these two doing brotherly stuff.

Ahsoka climbed Artoo just to be taller than Ani for once, but he doesn't look impressed at all!

I had this idea in my head for a while, actually... it doesn't really make sense but I thought it'd look funny :)

Again, I used a brush pen for inking and Copic markers for coloring. The background is added with Photoshop, and I'm so sorry I couldn't think of anything better aside that abstract mess of reds and yellows. Sigh.
I'm trying to work with mixed traditional and digital media, so this was one of my experiments, trying out new stuff and so on x')

I know it's really simple, but I hope you like it!
As for me, I'll be off now... tomorrow I gotta get up at 5 (HELL) and this week is gonna be very busy. Like, very busy. ;_;
Goodnight friends...
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Try making Anakin and Lui kang vs Kenobi and Raiden

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Ahsoka: It's over Skyguy. I have the High Ground.
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R2 rolls backwards and causes her to fall


Anakin: But it is funny

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i  dont know why i think that tho
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SHE SO CUTE  !!!!!!!!
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I LOVE AHSOKA!!!!!!!!!!
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Can totally see Ahsoka do something like that and R2 going along with it for the lols
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Oh, Snips. You can be pretty cute and cheeky. :giggle:
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:XD: I love it. Oh, Ahsoka...
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Yoda: Size matters not, look at me, judge me by my size do you hmm?
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I like the brother sister relationship for th two
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I love all your art with Ahsoka, unlike everyone else on this godforsaken website you don't sexualize her.
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is ahsoka trying to make herself taller than anakin XD
I like it. And the background isn't bad. The focus is on the characters, so the background is just there to keep it from being a distracting, blinding white and allow for shadows (though, admittedly, this is coming from me, and I am definitely not an art critic). This is so cute. I always love your expressions.
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Imagine how uncomfortable R2 must feel with Ahsoka on his shoulders.
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That was Awesome! :+fav:
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Great work.  Just like a kid sister would do (or in this case, a surrogate kid sister).  Perfectly captured.
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Love it! So sweet! 
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I love this SO MUCH!
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I really love your art and I think your arts are the cutiest in the whole fandom and i really looove your Ashoka and Uni and Ben and they are soooooo alive and lovely and all stuff!!!!!!...
\sorry, very poor english +uncontrolable emotions)))\
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Very much those two at times. :)
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really kinda cute!
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Arguing everywhere! :XD:
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