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SW - Leia...would you give me that thing...
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Published: March 28, 2012
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Aside from this, don't worry Padmé. Anakin has got everything perfectly under control.

Ooookkk, this was one of the first things that came into my mind after I drew this one [link] :P I never got around to draw it but it was stuck in my head! x)

Leia and Luke got Jedi predisposition, hell yeah! :dummy: And while Leia is trying to figure out how her father's lightsaber works, Luke has decided he should understand what's inside it. And let's hope Leia doesn't actually find the ignition button before Anakin manages to take it away from them...

No seriously, Anakin, how did they get your lightsaber?? XD You should keep that dangerous stuff away from them, bro! :stare:

And Padmé? No comment, she's just shocked. XD

I hope you enjoy this one guys...I had fun drawing it :3 I especially like how Luke came out! Haha, he's fun to draw! :XD:
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That is SO Frigging Awesome!!! 
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NoahVilgaxsaneHobbyist General Artist
My daily routine now has me staring at this until I cry and wonder where it all went to hell...
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Ben-J-Kirby-TennysonStudent General Artist
Oh boy. Luke did the exact same thing in A New Hope!
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
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Willfire-Z-TigerHobbyist General Artist
Ah crap baskets. 
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If they're still in contact, maybe Anakin and Padmé might want to consider having Ahsoka over to babysit the twins. Wait... that can go either really well or really bad. XD
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Luke never changes. Most dangerous weapon in the galaxy? Look directly into the kill spot.
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Incoming disaster.
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Like Obi-Wan always said: "This weapon is your life. Don't lose it."
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Anakin, you can't just leave that lying around.
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LordAkiyamaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is probably why the Jedi Council advised charges with not having families.

Certainly one of the funniest pieces in the whole series.
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KingSnake01Hobbyist Photographer
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Use the mind trick?
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king-disnerdHobbyist General Artist
they were such troublemakers!
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Canon or Fanon Luke?
One of the most dangerous weapons in the galaxy, points directly at face.
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Pinguu-The-SillyHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaaand that's how Anakin become better acquainted with the couch.
Love it~
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Be careful Leia. Great job by the way! :)
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Once this is settled, Anakin's dead. And if by some miracle he ISN'T, then he's going to be on the couch for a very, very long time...
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lunarkaijuwarrrior1 General Artist
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Anakin: Obi Wan's going to kill me...

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lunarkaijuwarrrior1 General Artist
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avenger09Hobbyist General Artist
Later after telling the story to Obi-Wan.

"Why didn't you just force pull it out of her hand?"

"Well because.... I didn't think of that at the time."

"Perhaps you need a refresher on what we mean when we say 'Use the Force'." 
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Jedi-master-DragonProfessional Digital Artist
Don't press the button, you'll kill your brother!
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