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SW - Keep Calm

By Renny08
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...and draw Skywalkers :)

Hey there guys, again, long time no see... have been busy and uninspired, sob...
I was still in the middle of this art block, then I finally got a hold of myself and decided to get something done... and this happened!

My dear Star Wars watchers!!! I know I haven't drawn SW related stuff in something like... WHAT, TWO MONTHS!! Not the I drew much stuff anyway, but never doubt my love for Star Wars :'D
I hope you like this one and forgive me the lack of updates... ._.

Also, I'm late in answering comments, again T__T
I always feel tired... or maybe is just summer that makes me feel lazy, especially after all the work I did this year and the more that's to come... I don't know.
As always thank you, thank you for leaving them!! :D Reading them is much fun! :la:

Again I really hope you enjoy this thing. Yay, I missed so much drawing the Skywalker family :')
I finally feel like I've accomplished something!! :la:
Anakin, my fictional big bro, you always manage to make me feel better about myself x)

See you soon guys :D
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if only there was a timeline where this actually happened
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has anyone written a book or fanfic of What If Anakin never fell to the darkside and lived to help raise his family?
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A few have. Take a look around, you may find one that you like.
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You draw very handsome Anakins! 
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Such a perfect little family...he would of been a great father. 
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Yes he would’ve😥
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This is so cute! 😃
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The Skywalkers are a beautiful family. :D
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Yeah. If only😞
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They deserved a happy ending:(
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