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SW - I'm Coming Home

By Renny08
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I’m coming home
I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Tell the world that I’m coming...

Haha, I haven't listened to this bit of that song not even once while I was drawing!! XD I only got the idea while I was listening to it some weeks ago...
Well, from what I've seen in fanvideos and such our fandom likes to play with the idea that Padmé and Anakin are reunited after death :> so I did a pic about that... even though Padmé was not a Jedi, so I'm not sure about the whole matter...but it's so nice to think about that :D so yeah! :iconallthethingsplz:

Also, since Anakin returned to his old self when he died, I of course replaced the mechanical hand with his real one! X) The scar shouldn't be there as well, but I left a little hint anyway because I feel's so part of his character lol.

And, huh, I think I like how Anakin's expression came out. It's pretty close to what I had in my mind and that's good :)
On the background...random Endor forest x°D anyway this was a pretty fast always...sigh!

And once again SW makes me draw romantic stuff involving Padmé and Anakin while I usually hate drawing this kind of things.... °_° I guess SW is SW, after all :'D and Anakin and Padmé are Anakin and Padmé! AND NOTHING HURTSSSS

On a side note, let's not talk about Hayden Christensen replacing Sebastian Shaw in ROTJ...I myself am really (like, REALLY) fond to the 1997 version (the one with Sebastian and the sad music, ya know) but since I'm also a NT fan I also think that the "new" Anakin helps in terms of continuity (besides, I think Sebastian looked a bit too old for a 46 years old guy- but yes, it's also true that Hayden looks too young x°D). So I solve the problem by having both versions anyway. So if you don't like the new one, keep calm and watch the old. :XD: I wouldn't like to do useless rantings about this subject or we risk to start another freakin' OT vs NT debate... =_=

... and on a personal note, I'm still listening to Hunchback of Notre-Dame freakin' OST. Lovelovelovelove! 8>

Please enjoy the drawing, guys! :D
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I guess she forgave him for the mass genocide?

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I like to think they did reunite in an afterlife. Mostly I stick with canon unless I like my own ideas better.

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Without the scar, Anakin now looks like that Shaggy-lookin' dude that Grievous killed on Hypori.
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I'd really like to think that the Star Wars' Force afterlife isn't so cynical that only certain Jedi retain their own consciousness and everyone else either loses their individuality by going into the Force or somehow cease to exist because of their lack of Jedi enlightenment- and the Jedi have to deal with it. That loved ones can greet each other in the afterlife regardless of they're Jedi or not.
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Awwww I love this!! And your art style is so cute!
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Beautiful! they would be together again FREE flying hearts Icon 
ignore the pessimistic views, this is everything!
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Padme and Anakin are perfect for each other. :D
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They were the perfect storm: brought together and torn apart by the fires of war. 
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Anakin: I knew you were waiting for me.
Templar: EXCUSE ME!!! There are a few thing I need to talk to you about.....
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As heart warming as this pic is, this would never happen for these two. You can only come back as a force ghost, if 1) You are force sensitive, and 2) You have somehow learned of the technique to expand your consciousness through the force. Anakin is more likely to find Ahsoka and Obi-Wan waiting for him on the other side then his wife, though I'm still rooting for Ahsoka's survival, since we don't see her with the three at the end. I'm sorry, but that moment on Mustafar would be the last one Anakin would ever have with Padme. Still, this piece is beautiful, and I commend you for this heartwarming piece. Well done. Clap 
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technically it could. Padme had a degree of force sensitivity during her pregnancy. The "Revenge of the Sith Visual Guide" even has her being referenced as the person with the highest midichlorians in the galaxy, so high that even master Yoda could sense it. And as we learn from Yoda everyone eventually transforms into the force when they die, it's basically Star Wars version of Heaven. So it's quite possible.  
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Didn't know Padme's midichlorian count was that high. I actually might be possible. Though only for those with this unique sensitivity to the force. It's true in Star Wars that one dies, they become one with the force. The scary part is that it means what it means. Who they once were, this person's ber mind, their "soul" you could call it, literally becomes part of the force. Only a few jedi ever knew of the ability to preserve and retain their very being within the force after they died. Not saying it isn't possible for Padme become a being within the force, (example: Anakin after his death) but it seems rather unlikely that she'd know the technique. She's had no force training, and though sensitive to the force, it doesn't mean she could just become a being of the force.

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Jeez I'm a star wars but and I didn't know her count was that high. I always thought it was Anakin's count that made Luke so strong. And the emotions in this pic are incredible!

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good job!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!
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The feels are strong in this one... XD Love this! ^w^
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And then they will watch on, proud as Luke becomes a Jedi Knight, proud as Leia rises to become a General and watch very closely when Han marries her.
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