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SW - Homework

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Published: April 7, 2012
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Yeah, another one of the series "Anakin sucks as a dad" :XD:

Okay...ehm...sorry about this, it was another stupid idea featuring the Skywalker family...and when these things come into my mind, I...have to draw them! D8

Soooo, as Padmé says, Anakin was supposed to help Luke and Leia doing their homework, but he misses the Clone Wars too much and so he's playing Republic Heroes on can see the game's box beside him, yep it's the cheap version :XD: adding that thing was an idea that came while I was drawing and I know it looks dumb and it's a shameless breaking of the 4th wall XD but...I thought it looked funny... C:

Before starting to play though, Anakin did use the kids' pencils to draw his own stuff and projects like droids and so on....the yellow pencil is the shortest and most used because nobody is ever gonna change my mind about the fact that yellow must be something like his favorite color haha!! His podracer was yellow, he chose the yellow speeder when he chased Zam Wesell in Episode II, and finally he specifically wanted his Jedi Starfighter to be yellow (as a tribute to the podracer and because it was more outstanding, but still!) 8'D

Anyway yeah, Padmé is not amused, Luke is putting all himself to get things right and Leia...I don't know, is she bored because she doesn't want to do the homework, or she just finds them too easy? xP

I hope you guys like this one...maybe I pushed it a bit too far with pencils, PSPs and existing SW games...but at least I had fun drawing :)
Lately I have to work so damn much... 8C

AAHH it's 2.33 AM!!! I wanna sleeeeep!!!!

See ya soon my friends! :D

PS: here there are previous pics with this four guys...[link] [link]
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EsmeAmeliaHobbyist Writer
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Snyslon93Hobbyist General Artist
Could be worse
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Their homework is on test and they barely wrote many chapters to do this one day, til tomorrow 
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Willfire-Z-TigerHobbyist General Artist
That seems like something Anakin would do. 
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Cute! Are we sure Anakin is even able to help them with their homework.
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LordAkiyamaHobbyist Digital Artist
It was then that Padmé realized that it was more the twins teaching him their home as opposed to him helping.

Nicely illustrated. The facial expressions in particular I like with this one.
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Also, Anakin grew up a slave. He probably doesn't understand their homework since he didn't go to school in the traditional sense.
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rickandmortyC1378Hobbyist Artist
i just image obi one being like Obi Wan Kenobi Hello There  looks like you kids don,t got the high ground Anakin Skywalker Icon  
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StoryMan1Student Writer
Glad the platform he’s playing on is from EA;(

Check me out
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J-McKeonStudent Filmographer
I can definitely see this!
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By denying them the fun.
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That's Anakin alright! ;) Great job!
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Oh, that Anakin. He would be the weak link in making the kids do their homework; Padme should just sic Uncle Obi-Wan on them, that'll get better results! :XD:
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AhsokaTano1611Student General Artist
That's what I call Anakin
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I can imagine Anakin playing Renegade Squadron on that thing.
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Padme, the more you nag, the less they all care.
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Lol yeah...homeworks are so awful
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i always imagined Anakin as the dad who sucked at it but still tried really hard
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CeaciliaSoloHobbyist General Artist
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FrodoBaggins1998Student General Artist
this sounds like something Anakin would do :/ :)
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lovelypinky17Student Digital Artist
.:ASK 2 U:. Anakin Skywalker Icon - Gaming :iconsaysplz: ha win again
luke: :iconsaysplz: dad can you help my homework 
 anakin:  :iconsaysplz: wait son
leia: :iconsaysplz: daaaadddd can you help meee
anakin: :iconsaysplz: waaiiittttttt dear
 both: :iconsaysplz: MOOOOOOMMMMM
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I can SO see something like this happen!!!! If it ever happened that is...
Ani rules!
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SoulCharizardHobbyist General Artist
Wait, since when were PSPs in the Star Wars universe? XD
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