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SW - Happy -belated- Easter :D



Be careful what you wish for, Luke...

Of course his line is an inside joke xP

OKAY! I'm one day late and this is TOTALLY silly, but I had Luke and Leia's expressions of awe so damn stuck inside my head that I had to let them out already...bear with me D8

Mechanical arms are good if you want to impress kids by crushing Easter eggs only by hitting them with a finger...LOL why am I so freakin' stupid :'D

At least after my previous pics in which Ani is having fatherhood troubles, here he's redeeming a bit x°D
Uh, and this time I like how Padmé came out :dummy: for once she can relax because nothing dangerous is happening...I wonder how much will it last C:<

I hope you guys had an happy Easter :)
Mine, huh, wasn't exactly the happiest since I had to work all the day on my comic which must be finished by the end of April, but I always love Easter period! <3

Also, after all this work (12 colored pages in 4 days so far!! @_@) I had so much fun drawing this pic -even though you can see it's faster then usual, even in coloring- that I consider this my little reward haha!

Uh yeah, this is also the reason why I'm late in answering comments D: thank you so much for each one of them, I'll answer them as soon as possible, little by little! :D :hug:

Now it's super late (3.20 AM) and I need to sleep .__.

I hope you enjoy this one!! :D

And let's not forget what Easter's true meaning is, though...Jesus lives, guys :) :heart:
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