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SW - Everything dies, Anakin Skywalker
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"The dragon reminds him, every night, that someday he will lose Obi-Wan. He will lose Padme. Or they will lose him.

All things die, Anakin Skywalker. Even stars burn out..."

Star Wars - Revenge Of The Sith, Matthew Stover, 2005

EDIT: Check out the awesome fanfiction that :iconscathach24: wrote inspired by this drawing! :la: [link]

Hey there guys!
It looks like this is my first submission of the new year, and yeah, it's quite depressing...
Actually, it's describing a bit how I feel lately :P drawings like this help me give a little vent to my emotions haha!
The new year didn't begin very nicely for me, I won't go into details or anything also because some would be probably considering me kinda weird... I'll just say, the title I gave this deviation is a "nice" reminder not only for Anakin, but for me as well...

Speaking about the piece itself, I drew it with a 4B in my sketchbook, that's why it looks so messy and that's how I wanted for it to be!
The overall look refers to the description that Matthew Stover gives about Anakin's heart in the novel adaptation of Revenge Of The Sith:
There was a thermonuclear furnace where his heart should be, and it was burning through the firewalls of his Jedi training.
He held the Force in the clench of a white-hot fist.
He was half Sith already, and he didn't even know it.

The "dragon" thing on the line I mentioned at the beginning refers to Anakin's fear; in the book it is the symbol of the fear in his heart and he can sense it very much...
I hope that with this drawing I have succeeded in representing Anakin's struggle against his fear, and how it is burdening him...

...if you haven't read the book though, I strongly recommend you do, it's really awesome and very well written. Really gives more insight into the characters and the story in Episode III.

Whoooops.... long description is long!
Hope you like this one, anyway!

See ya! :)

PS: sorry for not replying very fast to comments. I have so much work to do lately I don't even know how I will be able to get everything done in time... but if I do, most likely good things will happen. At least I hope so.

PPS: yeah, the return of Anakin's scars on his left cheek!!! XD Haha, when I can't draw the one on his eye, I just turn to them shamelessly... x)
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Comments (161)
StarWarsFan-Art's avatar
I love it! I've featured your artwork piece on my blog: www.starwarsfanart.com/is-dart…
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CesiaMargit|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing...! I love your SW artworks :)
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Iscreamer1's avatar
In order for some to live, others must die. And I don't think Anakin got that message.
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Diathima's avatar
Diathima|Hobbyist General Artist
Perchance do you know how Anakin got the scars on his cheek? I'm quite curious.
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IM-A-ARTIST's avatar
IM-A-ARTIST|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fighting Assaj Ventress
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rababco|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Maybe I should read the book, sounds like excellent writing. Those lines show how afraid he is of being abandoned, not just by Padme but my Obi-Wan as well. You can't really help but feel kind of sorry for him; he obviously had serious mental problems and suffered daily because of it. He really needed help (that didn't come from a psychopath) but he never got it.
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disnerd4life's avatar
disnerd4life|Hobbyist General Artist
I thought at first this was a crossover with Maleficent and Anakin was supposed to be Diaval 😅😍
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GoldenFreddy1's avatar
GoldenFreddy1|Student General Artist
To become the dragon is a worse fate.
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EragonJediGirl357's avatar
Poor Anakin...
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Ajax94's avatar
Wow! I Love this art!
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Randamir's avatar
Randamir|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why do I love this so much. Hmm...

The style, for one, is beautiful. I like how you draw Anakin, and the messy-ish style of this piece in particular seems fitting.

And dose colors. Very beautiful.
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Jojo1228's avatar
Jojo1228|Hobbyist General Artist
If only he had realized that before he turned to the dark side.
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Darth-Alice's avatar
<font><font>я просто обожаю ваши работы!!</font></font>
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The dark is generous, and it is patient.
It is the dark that seeds cruelty into justice, that drips contempt into compassion, that poisons love with grains of doubt.
The dark can be patient, because the slightest drop of rain will cause those seeds to sprout.
The rain will come, and the seeds will sprout, for the dark is the soil in which they grow, and it is the clouds above them, and it waits behind the star that gives them light.
The dark’s patience is infinite.
Eventually, even stars burn out.
This novel is the most epic one that exists! I got it 7-8 years ago, right when the movie came out!
And this is an amazing picture...poor Ani...don't be afraid, everything will be fine!
The dark is generous and it is patient and it always wins – but in the heart of its strength lies its weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.
Love is more than a candle.
Love can ignite the stars.

I love your art! And sorry for all the quotes^^'
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Renny08's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :D And no worries about the quotes, hehe!
I got the book around that time too, it's truly great!
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X-I-L2048's avatar
X-I-L2048|Hobbyist General Artist
I remember those lines from the book. I think the pic nicely portrays the acute stress and fear Anakin's under all the time. He just looks so tired... :(
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Renny08's avatar
Thank you so much!! :')
I'm very happy you think that. It was definitely my main intention to convey as much feelings as I could in these picture.
That book is really amazing!
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X-I-L2048's avatar
X-I-L2048|Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome. :hug:

It is! I liked it even better than the movie, and Matt Stover really captures all the characters' personalities so well. =D Sure, it emotionally destroyed me, but it was still really good. :XD:
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Sassycat2's avatar
Sassycat2|Student Traditional Artist
I-I think I might cry! Poor Anakin D:
It's such an emotional and dark piece of artwork, though. its beautiful!

I thank God every day for giving me faith and taking away my fear. And I don't know if you're Christian or not, but I can pray for you if you want.
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Renny08's avatar
Agh, sorry for the super late answer.
I'm very glad you like it so much!! :)

And thank you for the beautiful thought!! I'm Christian too, so I know how that feels :') Sometimes it's just a bit hard to accept some things, but eventually you can gain strength to journey on. Thank you again!
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LochNessDesigns's avatar
You're amazing!!! I'm reading that book right now and that part just makes me go: "Aww... :(", but it so perfect for Anakin...
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Renny08's avatar
Sorry for the super late reply, but thank you so much!! :D
That book really is amazing!
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xxXSARYNAXxx's avatar
xxXSARYNAXxx|Student Filmographer
omg ... great pic !!!!!!
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