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SW - Don't give up just yet...

By Renny08
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Hahaha, cheesy title and cheesy angsty scene with cheesy background for the win! AND BLOOD haha! x°D Just to make everything OH SO DRAMATIC -ugh... now I shall draw something hilarious for my next pic lol!

I had this image of Anakin dragging wounded Obi-Wan in my head, so I actually put it down on paper, also because I never seem to be able to get this kind of pose right. After some tries, I think it looks...okay. Uh, still gotta practice a lot, but...

You can imagine they're on Tatooine or something (deserts are easy to draw! XD) and the battle didn't go very well for once...but Ani is not giving up on his Master. Another pic of the series "Ani taking care of everyone" haha!!
Actually, I wanted to put a speech bubble with Anakin saying "Don't give up, okay?" or something along this line, but it would have sounded SO DAMN CHEESY!! x°D So I just left it that way.
Oh, and this is like my second time drawing Obi-Wan. I tried to get a bit of his likeness, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Will do better next time anyway, I hope :D

I used the watercolors technique again :iconmegustaplz: I'm just hopeless, I like it only because it makes everything messier!!! XD it's easier to cover up mistakes......oh, whatever. I've been working all the freakin' day and got only one of the pages of my comic done. It was a damn long page. Then I worked on commissions. Now it's almost 3 AM and I had to do something without thinking too much :<

And OMG I've listened to Hunchback of Notre-Dame's OST all the freakin' day. °_° And I can't seem to stop. Aaah, I know the whole movie and the songs and the OSTs by heart, but still...

Hope you enjoy it :D
I gotta go now because I'm totally dying....OH BED I'M COMINNNNGGGG!!!! 8D
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I still love this so much, its so accurate and exactly how I want my mental pictures of them to be, its a great cross between them in clone wars and the movies. I have a feeling you'd enjoy reading the clone wars books by Karen Miller; she does a lot with both of them, and does it well.
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Maybe this scene is shortly after "the gundark nest incident"

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Don't worry about Anakin sounding cheesy, that's his thing!
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"another happy landing"
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"Why do I get the feeling that you're going to be the death of me, someday?"
"Please, don't say that, master. You're the closest thing I have to a father."
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I love the determined look on Anakin's face, especially to help Obi-Wan and to win the war. :)
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This should have been titled: "When They Were Brothers..."
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It's the best one!
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I wish Annikan never went bad
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Like everybody else. I really hate Anakin sometimes, but I too wish he hadn't turned to the Dark Side :( 
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE THIS PIC!. :D
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Love it :) Do you know how much time I spent trying to find some good hurt!Obi-Wan fanart ? Yours is incredible ;)
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Should do an opposite picture. Obi-Wan helping his Padawan through yet another battle (or ship crash).
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I love this picture so much XD it just shows the amazing friendship these two share (if that doesn't sound as corny as heck)
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I just love Your style *_* Heart 
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Why do I get the feeling you're going to be the death of me?
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Daw, This looks great. happy cry XD 
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This is fantastic!! Love the style, and I absolutely LOVE the idea of Obi-Wan being dragged to safety by Anakin :heart:
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Do or Do Not. There is No Try. :)
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Star wars is life also did I asked you when did you first love star wars ?
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This is perhaps that business on Cato Neimoidia that "doesn't count," according to Obi-Wan....
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