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SW - Brotherly Hug

By Renny08
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Oh, I always say it, I'm SUCH a sucker for their brother/sister bond. :iconiloveitmoreplz:

So here you have nothing more than a simple hug, started by Ahsoka for once, featuring a quite embarrassed Anakin who's saying something like: "Uh...ah, okay, can you let me go now, Snips?"

Oh, and on my part, this is not meant to be Anisoka...I don't ship them haha! It feels a bit strange to me, Anakin belongs with Padmè! xP
Of course I have nothing against people who like them together, I always say that everyone likes what they like :) but, just saying. However you can interpret this pic as you like! x)

Hope you enjoy it! See ya! :D
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Yhea... "broyherly"

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I hope you don't mind and I don't know if you're still into this fandom but... I wrote a small fic inspired by this :…

Anyway, I might have commented before, but I really love your style, and I love how you captured their relationship! So thank you for the amazing work! :D
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brother? Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon  but..... i ship it ;-;
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Anakin: "Oh, you Togruta. You're so emotional." 
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Omg XD Zootopia reference!
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I love their relationship.. It's not romantic.. But very affection, closeness..
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Awwwww :D

I don't ship them either. For one thing, I just plain like friendships better. For two, Anakin's married, and pretty devoted, and I don't like cheating. For three, I don't like mentor/student pairings. It's a kind of creepy dynamic in my opinion. I won't hate on somebody who does like it, but if I see it in a picture/fic/etc. I will likely shudder and walk away... Stuff like this, though, makes my day :) 
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Old comment but same

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I don't ship them either. They both have a 5 yr gap but... Anakin is married. I certainly see a brother-sister relationship. In some cases, Anakin is like a father to her, so there's also a lol key father-daughter dynamic. Maybe in another galaxy or another timeline, perhaps they a couple. But overall, I don't really ship them.
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5 years doesn't really matter after a point (well, Ahsoka is pretty young in the beginning) but yeah the mentor/student thing and anakin being married ... I really don't ship it.

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me too. but i like it but i don't do it. 
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Nice... Then I think of how sad she must be in Rebels...
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someone needs to give Ahsoka a BIG hug!!! 
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I know...and from the mid season trailer....i'm feeling a distrubance in the force, we're in for some tear jerkers.
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The force is strong with this one
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I love that you don't ship anisoka, a lot of people can not draw the two people hugging or whatever and not call it that
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