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SW - Brotherly Hug
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Published: March 24, 2012
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Oh, I always say it, I'm SUCH a sucker for their brother/sister bond. :iconiloveitmoreplz:

So here you have nothing more than a simple hug, started by Ahsoka for once, featuring a quite embarrassed Anakin who's saying something like: "Uh...ah, okay, can you let me go now, Snips?"

Oh, and on my part, this is not meant to be Anisoka...I don't ship them haha! It feels a bit strange to me, Anakin belongs with Padmè! xP
Of course I have nothing against people who like them together, I always say that everyone likes what they like :) but, just saying. However you can interpret this pic as you like! x)

Hope you enjoy it! See ya! :D
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I hope you don't mind and I don't know if you're still into this fandom but... I wrote a small fic inspired by this :…

Anyway, I might have commented before, but I really love your style, and I love how you captured their relationship! So thank you for the amazing work! :D
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Onee1plzStudent Artist
brother? Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon  but..... i ship it ;-;
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Wolfboy1020Hobbyist General Artist
Anakin: "Oh, you Togruta. You're so emotional." 
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Puppens101Student Digital Artist
Omg XD Zootopia reference!
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PagesGardenProfessional Digital Artist
I love their relationship.. It's not romantic.. But very affection, closeness..
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AhsokaTano1611Student General Artist
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Awwwww :D

I don't ship them either. For one thing, I just plain like friendships better. For two, Anakin's married, and pretty devoted, and I don't like cheating. For three, I don't like mentor/student pairings. It's a kind of creepy dynamic in my opinion. I won't hate on somebody who does like it, but if I see it in a picture/fic/etc. I will likely shudder and walk away... Stuff like this, though, makes my day :) 
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AhsokaTano1611Student General Artist
me too. but i like it but i don't do it. 
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Nice... Then I think of how sad she must be in Rebels...
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AhsokaTano1611Student General Artist
someone needs to give Ahsoka a BIG hug!!! 
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I know...and from the mid season trailer....i'm feeling a distrubance in the force, we're in for some tear jerkers.
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The force is strong with this one
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drops-of-bloodHobbyist General Artist
so cuuuuteLove Giggle
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TheWildWestPyroStudent Writer
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sartyingStudent General Artist
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I love that you don't ship anisoka, a lot of people can not draw the two people hugging or whatever and not call it that
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GerundiveProfessional Digital Artist
Yep and it's cure when he hugged her in the series after he nearly lost her on that spiritual planet
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I love this.  Like you, I always saw the Anakin / Ahsoka relationship as being like a big brother / little sister. 
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1solo-musicstar6Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just make sure Windu doesn't see that, unless you want to sit through an explosive, hour-long screaming fest about how attachments turn you evil. 😅

But seriously, this is nice.
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rababcoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone seems to get on Anakin about forming attachments, poor guy. I'm not sure if most of the Jedi just hated Anakin, Anakin was never meant to be Jedi or both. Maybe if he'd been allowed to form attachments he wouldn't have turned to the dark side and against his fellow Jedi. Your far less likely to turn against people your attached to and love. Of course, Anakin had severe mental issues and was severely manipulated and brainwashed by Palepitine/Sidious so it may not have mattered.
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Awwwe!! So cute <3 <3 .3. 
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Nice :D

Say, could you you make a part where Ahsoka acts like a big sister or aunt to little Luke and Leia?
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