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SW - AOTC 10th Anniversary

By Renny08
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Aaah, I hate how this came out!! It looked so much better in my mind...

To my defense I can say everything was done in 1 hour and a half or something, so it was veeery rushed because I wanted to post something for today ;_;

So, happy Star Wars Prequels Appreciation Day!!
And I can't believe ten years already passed since Episode II, gosh I was a little kid...what happened ;A;

Anyway yeah, I drew them dressed like they are in the very moment they meet again in Episode II, ten years passed since it came out, and ten years also passed after The Phantom Menace, so... x)

Hope you enjoy a little bit, even though it's definitely not one of my best works...uff, I wish I was able to put a little more effort in it but I'm very tired.
At least I kinda like Obi-Wan's face this time!! :)

Now I gotta get some sleep... :<
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Good to see somebody care about and celebrate the prequel trilogy: great work, keep it up.
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Awww, it's so cute!  I love your Star Wars art. :) (Smile) 
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Ani's like: uh... 😳 LOL
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BWEHEHEHE la mia missione non finisce mai, tipo quelle infinite di skyrim! DISTURBARE!
Ani, sei imbarazzato e imbarazzante!
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Quoto su Ani!
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HO commentato tutti quelli che trovavo facendo la ricerca col tuo nome su dA, era molto figo trovare solo roba tua e niente di copiato o di gente a caso LOL!
Ani, imbecille! Minchia in sto film qui era awkward
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Ahahah oh cavolo devo provare X°D
Molto awkward! Ma ci stava dai, "no Ani comunque non possiamo" "no infatti" xD
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Sei una persona figa, non possono rubarti i disegni!
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Abbiamo cibo miLiore
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Teach me your ways in drawing Star Wars XD I must get better at drawing humans!
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Great group shot! Great moment! Oh blush!
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For some reason, all I have in my head is Padmé saying 'My boys. My Jedi boys.'
Fantastic work. I love Anakin's awkward expression and how Obi-Wan seems completely at ease with the whole scenario.
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They looks so cute all together! I love it!
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I just discovered this fanfic yesterday:…
-Basically it's AotC Anakin getting mysteriously transported into the Original Trilogy. It's fun and awesome and has great dialogue! I think it'll give you some fun inspiration for your art! :)
PS: I didn't write it.
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Lol. It's been a long time since I started writing my own version of what happened in Star Wars: The Shift and Star Wars: The Slide (RL got severely in the way and I learnt that med school and fanfic writing/reading aren't very compatible - for me at least). But this picture could fit right into the 'verse I was writing. I can just imagine Padme going "Alright you two - HOLO TIME!" and just grabbing them for a pic.

Ah memories...
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Love Anakin's face
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Will there be a 10th anniversary for RFTS? :la:
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Er, I meant ROTS, aka Revenge of the Sith.
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And don't forget, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is coming out at the end of this year.
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