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Logan and Laura

Sketch of Logan and Laura, from the upcoming “Logan” movie! :)
I highlighted the rainbow on Laura’s shirt because, with this whole awesome Johnny Cash thing going on in the trailer, it made me think about another song of his, “Man in Black”... I’m reading too much into things haha! :D
Either way, I hope you enjoy! :)

(also, I can't color things decently, I'm sorry...)

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"...Don't be what they made you..."
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"There--there's water here..."
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I fuckin LOVE old man logan. He rocks that mfing beard
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Thanks a lot!! :D
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I've been looking for such a fanart for a long time since I saw the trailer! X'D
This is so beautiful! I love your artstyle! ;u;
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Aww thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it!! :w00t:
Did you see the new trailer that just came out for the movie? :D
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You're welcome! :D
Yeah, I did! This trailer gave me a good vibes! I feel it will be an awesome movie!:dummy:
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Aaaah thank you SO much!!
I'm glad it makes you feel feels :D
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non voglio soffermarmi per l'ennesima volta sulla tua bravura nel disegnare Logan "in tutte le salse"; quindi, mi soffermerò su altro: quanto cavolo è figa la piccola Laura =D
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Grazie mille, Buffy! :heart: Ogni volta che riesco mi esercito a disegnarli, ma li trovo entrambi piuttosto difficili (tra una prova e l'altra questo disegno ci ha veramente messo dei giorni a uscire fuori :| ) perciò sono ancora più contenta che ti piacciano! :D
Appena ho un momento un po' più tranquillo rispondo bene al mini-trattato! :highfive:
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beh, con l'esercizio ti verrà sempre più semplice disegnarli ;)
ah, figuriamoci se io posso metterti fretta nel rispondere :P sarebbe un paradosso ahahhahahahhahahahhahah :rofl: fai con calma =)
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Thanks a lot!! :D
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For the first time in forever I'm actually excited to see an x-man film. Laura was always one of my favourite x-men because she was introduced as a tv character so there isn't a lot to mess up. She's just a very very mess up child and it's just the simple pictures like this that make me really excited. I can't wait just to see the sweet but strange relationship.
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Yeah, I totally understand!! :)
I actually don't really know what to think about Laura in the comics, I guess it depends on who writes her, but I liked her a lot in the X-Men Evolution series.
The idea of her being younger in the movie is very nice, too! :D
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It makes her more vulnerable which will FREAKING HURT more. I haven't liked the X-men movies for a while because they are so off canon but I'm really excited to see this because Laura you can't go wrong with, her story is really 'clone of Wolverine, bred to be a killing machine for hire, liberated at some point (even that is a little flimsy on time) and slowly becoming like his daughter.' There is a whole list of reasons why it's a girl but really, clone, killing machine, liberated, daughter. That's it. Cannot mess that up. 
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Love the coloring style you chose for this, it really works!
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Thanks a lot!! :D Glad you think so, I struggled quite a bit to find something that worked, so I really appreciate! :)
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Ah! How nice is your drawing!
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