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Stubble Trouble - 320

Has Rachel gotten in over her head with Doctor Shatterfoot?

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I really hate having to shave every day. So I checked somewhat recently if we did have some kind of way to remove hair permanently. It turns out we can't. We still don't know how to do that. And the procedures at our disposal have terrible side effects. The longer the treatment lasts, the worse they get. 
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It was that "Sonichu" shirt!  I made the Doctor think she would join any nefarious organization!
Ffex's avatar
I like that shoulder-patch thingy... Shatterfoot! I want one... I'll be a minion, too! Mee Too! Mee too!
DreadedOne131's avatar
Nice work on the Shatterfoot logo!
tbolt's avatar
There might also be the added benefit that the stress of the job will also aid in fur loss. Plus the first altercation with a flame-based super... Might need to work on protecting the tail, though! =^^=
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Bravo, this answers the age-old question of how villains get so many mooks on their side. Benefits package. :star:
spacewolfomega's avatar
What sort of benefits do they offer? Health insurance and 401K? What about vacations and holidays? =P
FoxboyPrower's avatar
Super science. It's like regular science, but it's cooler and it doesn't have to make sense!

If I were a scientists, I would like a guard like this to keep out animal rights activists.
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Super science involves more jetpacks, mutants, and explosions.
FoxboyPrower's avatar
That's the best kind of science.
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