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Don't worry, Rachel. We still love you. You're not the Hollywood / New York ideal, anorexic, size zero woman. You're something better. You're a wonderful person--with an appetite for tasty food and life! At least you're not this bitch.

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.... Well, fudge you too, you miserable cu- *pours cereal milk wrong*
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As a friend once told me, after we both endured a most self righteous rant recently, "WHAT A PROUD MORON!"
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It's amazing how little social tact some people have, with complete strangers, no less. She reminds of the Mcdonalds manager I recently had to deal with who argued with me about my gender, mocked me, and made comments about my genitals to random coworkers and customers, all because I wanted to buy a sandwich. Then he was amazed that I didn't want a sandwich anymore. >_>
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Yeah, it's sad to see how little politeness remains in society. Stupid reality TV shows must have sucked it dry.
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Reality Show Producers: "Polite people aren't entertaining.  Who cares if our children imitate this ignorant churls we put on TV!"
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Take away those 'convenince stores' ...

I don't go to the 'Fat Depots' ennymore. My sugar OD comes entirely from the metabolism of hard liquor.

As for 'Nancy?' Lib. Definate.

Now y'all know what side of the fence I live on. I guess I just lost mosta my watchers. So Long.
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"You wanna know how I got this fat? By feasting on assholes like you. I bet you're very tasty."

That would have been the kind of response I'd like to see, just for the look I imagine would be on that woman's face.
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I've met people like this, many of them need a broken nose, and I'm not even fat D:
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What a negative Nancy.

Is her name Nancy? Cause she is negative. ;p
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