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Stubble Trouble - 229

It seems Becky is a little more enthusiastic about going bald than Rosie is. At least her shaving experience was a lot less traumatic and firey. Even though Becky is a gymnast, this is only the second time we've actually seen her doing gymnastics. Huh.

There are actually a couple of subtle callbacks to previous strips in this episode. The coat Rosie is wearing is the same one she wore in #92; and just like in strips #38 and #158, Ally always eats tacos when she watches gymnastics.

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Great. If only we could see her being shaved.
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Now Becky is going furless!  She even took off the pony tail!  Did she keep it?  (It's traditional in some countries for a woman to keep a pony tail after it's cut off.  Or witches can use it to control you.  I post up when I remember which countries those are...
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Always eats tacos while watching gymnastics? Talk about a weird habit. I wonder if she even knows she does it. XD
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Yeah, she knows. I guess it's kind of her trademark thing; gymnastics and tacos.
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Madame Cue Ball knows best XD
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At lest Mmme. Cueball has no stubble
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Wait. Something is not right here. One of the characters remains unshaven!
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
That situation needs to be rectified...
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Well, one method involved a razor, the other involved first degree burns, I can see the lack of enthusiasm! =^^=
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