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Stubble Trouble - 228

Poor Rosie. Ouch. This is the second time she's lost her fur in a cooking accident.

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DreadedOne131's avatar
I usually put the lid on them till they go out!
tails-sama's avatar
I think i remember that episode....and that's why i eat out or buy frozen foods. :p
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Yes, it's much safer that way.
PyroJames421's avatar
"Something smells like barbecued dog hair." XD And I saw this episode of Mythbusters!
FoxboyPrower's avatar
Also electrical fires.
FoxboyPrower's avatar
no no no! Never use water on a grease fire. Learned that in first aid.
Ffex's avatar
ewww BBQ dog hair. Wonder what it smells like? *goes out, cleans Keesh's grooming brush* hmm... *sets a lit match to doggy-lint* OMFUG! Thats AWFUl! :fart:
CorvusCaelum's avatar
You HAD to check!
One of my hunting dogs got too close to a space heater after a December swim. It's far from pleasant.
form89's avatar
:iconthemoreyouknowplz: Cause knowledge is power...and not burned fur..
Maddog3060's avatar
And now I know!

And knowing is half the battle!

flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Eating out can save us all from nuclear explosions XD
Airship-King's avatar
And this is why you always wear a fireproof suit while cooking.
tbolt's avatar
Don't worry folks, soon the building code will require that Halon dispensers are installed in all homes! =^^=
spacewolfomega's avatar
Any excuse just to get a character to lose her fur. ;)

But I feel edjumacated now to learn about to dangers of grease fires! To Taco Bell!
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