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Stubble Trouble - 134

Who is this Lilith and why is Gynette so excited to meet her? Find out next time...

But for those of you who've already figured it out, give yourselves a pat on the back.

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Lillith in Church! faint

Hint: Lillith uses her noggin as a weapon :P
FoxboyPrower's avatar
Awkward question in a church.
tails-sama's avatar
I have to disagree with this comics headline, I can already name off "Nip and Tuck" ;p

hehe, anyway, akward thing to hear in a church. :XD:
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Facetious [fuh-see-shuhs]


1. not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.

2. amusing; humorous.

3. lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person

And yes, that would be very awkward to hear there...
tails-sama's avatar
ok, ok, mr. smarty pants ;p
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
That's probably my new favorite word.
Ffex's avatar
whats the church named? can't read it! Good comic though, pal!

BTW looking at some fursuit parade (AC-09) pics, and one canid is carrying a "don't tread on me' flag... Betcha he's got the good sense to be conservative, too!
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Church of the Blessed Creator.

That guy better have watched his back. He's in the lions' den (literally and metaphorically) since the vast majority of furries are fanatically liberal.
PyroJames421's avatar
I know I know I know I think

And agreed with Al, interesting spot. XD
SirKiljaos's avatar
I really like this humour on your comics :D
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
It's got to be a really powerful blush to get through all that fur.
CorvusCaelum's avatar
Wha? Ultra-mega-blush. . . no. . . it is legend.
Gathion's avatar
Interesting place to meet that type of person...
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Porn... you say... ;)
gameboysage's avatar
Heads are gonna roll XD
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