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Stubble Trouble - 133

Ain't that kind of a dumb way to name anthro animal characters?

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I am sure Sandy Squirrel and Buster Bunny are uncomfortable with this question!
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My last name is Wyrm....
It is not my fault.
tails-sama's avatar
hehehe...I actually find cheese-coated names quite delightful.
RJ-Pilot's avatar
Heh... Bugs Bunny..

Wait, what about Roadrunner? It's name was also it's species and a description of what it did...
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Ffex's avatar
Yeah, actually, My last's Latrans but no one gets it, so I just stick with Coyote. =P
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Using the Latin name? You sneaky goose.
Ffex's avatar
:dohtwo: Not goose, COYOTE! XD
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I'll admit that I don't normally do Species Surnames, but when I do, I try to make it so that you have to think a bit to get it.
CorvusCaelum's avatar
I guess it could be worse. Owait . . . not really. ;p
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Well atleast Bionic Bunny is always trying to stop Elias Howe from taking over the world with an army of cats :D
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