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Stubble Trouble - 106

Valentine's Day is not a happy time for me... *sad face*

This comic originally ended just with the lonely comment, but I thought it was a little too depressing. So I added in depressed and constipated to lighten the mood.

Comic posting delayed due to mother-humping virus. *HULK RAGE*

By the way, I'm just being facetious here...

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Been sick myself, had to quit writing because of that.  Also lonely :C
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And constipated. Ouch......................................................:icondragonlaughplz:
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the materialism of V-day is all that really bothers me..."

buy your materialistic girlfreind flowers or she'll hate you forever, guys! don't forget!"

a simple hug has always meant more to me than a box of unhealthy chocolate that I'll go through in 30 seconds..

Also, I never really cared about being single or taken, myself. I only really try dating someone if they ask me out, to make them happy. I hope you can find someone, eventually. It clearly means allot to you.
FoxboyPrower's avatar
Amen. I would rather surprise them on another day not endorsed by halmark.
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Huh, people are taking this comic pretty seriously, as if it truely expressed my real life emotional turmoil. I would have thought that the fourth panel would have given it away.
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Well, since you told me about your depression and all, kinda hard not to.
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Not sure what to say here... I hope V-Day wasn't that bad.
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Eh... it wasn't too bad. It just sort of blended in with all the rest of my lonely days so I hardly noticed it.
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Take a look at this and you might appreciate what you're missing.
Devildukitzu's avatar
At least your not consti....uh....illit.....>.> dead?
cats-r-evil's avatar
i feel for ya, man
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