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Stubble Trouble - 104

Gynette has a really difficult time riding in cars...

This strip was originally going to be #103, but because I was suffering from a bit of writer's block and couldn't figure out how to word this bit of basil exposition, I put up the Avatar 2 quicky instead. I was trying to figure out a way to get the characters from point A (#102) to point B (#105), which proved somewhat problematic for me, especially since it didn't really have a good joke to end on.

Since I got this one out of the way, the next few comics will really pick up on the story and comedy.

And no, I can't draw cars worth a cloaca.

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DreadedOne131's avatar
I didn't Reggie's sister Mel also wore that Scottish Stuff.  That's cute!
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Well, that's Rosie, his twin. And yes, she's very Scottish.
FoxboyPrower's avatar
the plot hole of how she got in the car?
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
The plot hole of how they got to the car in the next panel even after Reggie argued against it.
FoxboyPrower's avatar
I know but I am more interested in that first one.
tails-sama's avatar
I don't see what's weird about double dating with your sister, but then again, I've only been one double date.

it was fun, we built a tower out of chinese food. We porbably annoyed the owners, hehe...
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
The possibility that she'd dish out your dirty little secrets and try to make you look like a dork in front of your date.
tails-sama's avatar
Ahh. That doesn't apply to me, because I don't tell my secrets to flaky 13-year-olds, hehe.

That and I'd be honest about how much of a dork I am from the beginning! It's kind of hard to hide..
spacewolfomega's avatar
Double-dating with your sister... *shudder*

CorvusCaelum's avatar
Plot device sir, plot device
RJ-Pilot's avatar
Bet she wishes she's sat in the boot! :XD:
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Pah, she couldn't possibly fit in a boot!

...oh wait, you're British. You mean the 'trunk,' don't you? That's what it's called, a trunk. ;P
PyroJames421's avatar
"Stupid plot hole"

flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Wait a minute, how the crap does she fit back dar... :/
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Sitting sideways with her thorax resting on the other seat.
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