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Stubble Trouble - 100

Wow, 100 strips!!

It's been just over thirteen months since I began this little comic of mine. So instead of a "milestone" kind of comic (I just did one nine strips ago), I decided to go for something completely different and show some of the characters I've made in other drawings that haven't been seen in the comic yet.

Featured are Quielette the pixie and Cassie who were briefly seen from #67-70 as well as a whole host of new characters that I hope to someday get into the comic. As if I didn't have too many characters already!

Also featuring Keith the lion, Sydney the gothic hyena, Francine the llama, Liz the dog, the Municipal Enforcer and Justice Jellyfish (it's a long story), Monica the sheep, Synthia the dragon from a political comic I'm contemplating, Burns from "Contra Farce" (which seems to be on indefinate hiatus due to computer issues), Willow the cat, and Onyx the cat.

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That's very easy to do.  Too many characters!  But it's hard to refuse them!
FoxboyPrower's avatar
Maybe they could all have an adventure together. You could let somebody else use them.
Ffex's avatar
Holy 100 thingamabobs! 100 eps? I hadn't been keeping track! Welp, here's to another100!

BTW Ryan, looks like your stubble's showin here! Got some trouble? ;)
Rennon-the-Shaved's avatar
Very much trouble. Unemployed trouble.

And thanks!
spacewolfomega's avatar
Congrats on 100!
And yeah, isn't it funny how time seems to move much slower in the ol' execution phase as opposed to the idea phase? ;P
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Its hard keeping track of your characters... :C
RJ-Pilot's avatar
Train accident. Easy way to lose five or ten characters.. :3
CorvusCaelum's avatar
lol, too many chars is either a sign of genius or an indicator of bipolar disorder.

Grats on 100 :>
tails-sama's avatar
Happy 100th comic! *throws confetti and various other pleasant things*

all those unhappy characters...and I like most of them already. XD I look forward to seeing them put to use. :3
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