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tonight's entertainment

Will remain a sketch until I figure out how to color this : /

That girl is supposed to be Harley Quinn. I like this character very much, so I tried to think of a TDK version : D
I would've liked a young crazy style with short hair, but after all, she's a doctor, and too much harlequin-esque elements would look out of place. So it's more like Dr. Quinzel without costume, but...less barbie. I hope.
And of course, she's carrying Mr. J's luggage.

Aww, it will never be : C

...woah, don't try to see anything. I think I could've flood-filled it black and it wouldn't look much different.

Blog: [link]
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"Wanna know how I got these scars?"
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...curious... curiouser and curiouser... I like it!!!
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Now THATS a pretty interesting Nolanverse design for her. Haven't seen one quite like that, and /co/ artists have taken quite a few stabs at it. I like!
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wow I really love this. I really love your artwork and that you use traditional medium as well.
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wow Example, a sysysysys...[link]
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This is freaking amazing, even if it does give me a headache when I try to look at it for too long :D
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Incredible, and I love the outfit you've given Harley, she looks great!
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do you mind if i try coloring it
I love your version of harley. This is so cool!
And of course Harley carries the bags. That's my fave.
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very nice drawing good scane...
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Awesomeness defines this. Luffees, Fav! xx
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If they are tonight's entertainment then i am one lucky son of a bitch =D *drool*
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This is really interesting. Do you usually start your sketches like this? And when you start coloring, do you clean up the sketch or work over it?
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this is really incredible.
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great . . . just great.
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Would look great in colour...but the question is, how the HELL?

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Great pic! It feels so much like ordered chaos which would put them right in their element. I think your Harley is great; it looks like this may be her first job with the "team" so her new identity is still just blooming. I would bet as time went on she would get a bit more extreme in her style of dress, but at this moment it's perfect. You sholuld totally continue with this idea.
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Reminds me of the artwork from the 19th century, nice!
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Like the TDK take on Harley, although I do miss the spandex :XD:
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LOVE that part! DEFINITELY going in my faves! :+favlove:
I absolutely Love your work!
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woah...just...woah. It's that good.
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I love joker
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