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Oh why is the animated series so great, why haven't I watched it in years and why am I doing it now when there's a million things to do and exams next week.

Obviously scribbled while watching 'Almost got 'im'. The villains sitting together at their poker table being all civil which eachother (somewhat) and ranting about Batman was just great.

Gnh. I really gotta practice perspective.

...and why does this look so completely purple on this's actually yellow-ish D:

Catwoman, the Penguin, the Joker, Ivy and Two-face (c) DC comics
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Best Batman TAS episode EVER!!!
Starluscious's avatar
Quite an eye for detail... Enough said. :)
oldmanwinters's avatar
I love fan art tributes to classic episodes!
Reckless-Courage's avatar
Loved that episode. Definitely a favorite.
DeviousClownSmile's avatar
You...You scribbled this? Are you some mad art genius to be able to scribble something like this? -Dies of envy-
thebravesnivy's avatar
Where's killer croc????
InvaderHope6's avatar
Ah, i loved this episode so much :) Was so excited to see it on Youtube during class one day! I miss the series so much
Epic picture by the way! I love it :D
Gwendolaine's avatar
it almost Says "Almost Gotham" >:3
batusaisilva's avatar
Silvre's avatar
One of my absolute favorite episodes of BtAS. It was such a great show.
AngusMcTavish's avatar
That is one of the best eps in the whole series!
FearlessOnMyBreath's avatar
this was one of the most fun episodes of the animated series :) i love your work btw, you seem to hit on every nerdy note i get stuck in my head, and do so beautifully :)
Sable-sama's avatar
Such a great concept for the text. This episode was the highlight of the series for me and I'm pleased to see TAS still has fans. :)
slastbeast's avatar
Almost Got Him Huh ? ! I love that episode !
Sarrah2413's avatar
one of my fave episodes. thank you for creating
atheGreyGhoust's avatar
the episode as wel as the picture are awsum
MC847's avatar
this looks awesome! :D :+fav:
trancelvania's avatar
AnAnAmI919's avatar
I love that episode it's awesomely hilarious!! Croc is playing dumb the entire time and then in the end it ends up being Batman himself!! Killer most def, it almost reminds me of that black and white comic written by Neil Gaimen where basically it's set up so that "Batman" and "The Joker" are actors who work in the "Comics" business shooting "scenes" for each panel and before and after each shot they just hang out like buddies talking about their roles together....If you haven't seen it you have to check it out! I forget what it's called though....
Knight-Bat's avatar
Love this piece....
KoshDrawfag's avatar
No love for "It was a BIG rock" Croc? :D
yellowis4happy's avatar
A perfect adaptation to one of the best goddamn Batman-related animated episodes, EVAR. I love it!
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