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peace and quiet

And another one! Color study with ref.
Gotta blow some dust off my deviantart gallery :' /
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Wow, this is really gorgeous! Everything is just perfect!
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Beauty! Great stuff!
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Something about this piece is so alluring, Maybe because you don't see the characters face or you wonder what the character is reading or why ....

This is a great piece and I'm glad I saw it.

Wonderful work.
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I love the light color and view nature
this get inspire some thought i guess
I love this, I just wish I could see it BIGGER! :) right on the DA browser. xD
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MUY BUENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazing artwork! :)
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I love the colors and angle! Awesome!
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heh I feel like it was me with my book :)
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You caught a mood really well, here. Especially like the very detailed blanket. Nice personal touch.
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this may not be fantasy but to me with the girl on the wood structure it takes me to a different land :)
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this is wonderful; the thought of reading in a tree, obviously oblivious to surroundings makes me thing the book must be very good. I love this work!
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a nice place for a break, from all the "rennerei" ?! :D
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Beautiful work.
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Hi, I found your pictures here [link]
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Hi, I found your pictures here [link]
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the coloring, composition, and atmosphere are amazing as usual.
the character reading reminds me of nightcrawler. Is it him?
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I like climbing up the trees and read books there.
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in french we say, "la classe !"
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Wonderful piece! Simple yet effective. It truly does epitomise peace and quiet. :heart:
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Love the quiet atmosphere. Great colours. :heart:
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So inspiring, dear. <3
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