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The Red-legged Scissorman



The red-legged scissorman from "Struwwelpeter", a famous german children's book that is, while of undisputed literary value, just completely fucking terrifying. I think it was my granny who read it to me when I was like five years old, and the memory crept back... so, a drawing happened.
It was fun thinking about how this dude that gave me nightmares back then would look and move and talk. I didn't want to make him obviously evil, rather have him appear like he's making an effort to appear pleasant.
Which just makes it worse.

If you're interested and if you don't know it already, you can read the story of the scissorman here (in english) --> Little Suck-a-Thumb

I don't have the book anymore, which is a shame : ( I assume my parents hid it in the darkest corner of the basement or gave it away ages ago, along with "Max und Moritz" and "Allerhand Kurzweil" and the original "Grimm's Märchen" and all the other cute books for kids.
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I love how you italicized "cute books for kids" at the end. :D