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TTGL - The sky is ours

I watched all episodes of Gurren Lagann in one go, and I really liked it so here's the inevitable: fanart!
And there's probably more to come.

I made a little step by step animation of this, which can be found in my sketchblog: [link]

Kamina & Simon © Gainax
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MrLammasu's avatar
And Gurren Lagann is my fav tv show.
Rollinlol95's avatar
This makes me think of...COMBINE!!!!
cooker530's avatar
I've never watched this show, but I love this piece. The little boy holding his arms out to the wind just makes me smile. :D Great job!
BLANKACCOUNT1010101's avatar
This si so beautiful and full of deep meaning and love. such feeling. you did such a wonderful job
LucTrey's avatar
awesome work :D! i love tengen toppa gurren lagann <3
Metal-Ph0enix's avatar
Seriously amazing... Love your work!
TheMugbearer's avatar
Awesome work! I also watched Gurren-Lagann without a break. It is a great, really freat anime and your work deserving it!
Amene's avatar
I have SO much trouble doing backgrounds! I actually can't do any...
Your pictures just inspire me. I'll try hard, thanks!
Heart-in-the-Deck's avatar
I wish I had a print of this :love: It's so pretty I just love all the texture in the background
iwashi-kun's avatar
Goodness! This is so eye-catching. I especially loved the cloud effects :heart:
54fetypin's avatar
Beautiful! You can really tell they're bros. x3
rose-star's avatar
I have to say, although it's been long overdue:

This piece of fanart is what convinced me to watch Gurren Lagann. So, thank you for the awesome :D

And looking at this now I have to say that is one of the most gorgeous skies I have ever seen painted.

Argh, now to convince my boyfriend to watch this with me XD; Maybe I'll show him this picture...
TheCrowchan's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous. <3 I only saw the series recently, so I'm a few years behind, but finding this was a real treat! Thank you!
etjedinat1's avatar
Beautiful *sob* Just beautiful *sob*

PsychoDemonFox's avatar
Awesome work. I like it. ^^
daveit's avatar
This is how they look without Gurren Lagann x'D
I really like this.
Great colours.
laritabonita's avatar
I watched it all in one go too, it was so good! wooow this looks fantastic :)
KardoZ0's avatar
COOL... Nice work with the sky... very well done
Rutieh's avatar
ussjmystic's avatar
Love this show.
tai-suke's avatar
I really do love everything about this image; the colouring, the shading, the perspective, the use of space. And your style is gorgeous. Simply splendid work and a definite favourite. Thank you for posting this.
musicyoh's avatar
Wow! I love how you colored this! :XD:The sky looks so boundless! (technically it is ^^;)
Velasa's avatar
... alright so what can I say but absolutely beautiful. Simple and soft and realistic without being too much so, amd gorgeous. So damn gorgeous.
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