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TF:Animated humans

...okay, you saw this coming, didn't you? xD

Those are really really sloppy, but it was fun and it looks okay in a smaller size...I hope.

Had some more, but ... Lugnut looked like the Terminator, and Sentinel like Chin Crimson. Gotta rethink those.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
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I thought BlackArachnia is already part organic.
Optimus looks worried.
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wasp looks like hes on meth
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ahahahha Ratchet HAhahah A1 (Bee Movie Icon) aaaaaAAAAAA (Bee Movie Icon) 

ok sorry :"v
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Megatron is just so very very done. You can almost hear the very heavy sigh. He and Ratchet need to go get a beer or something. Complain about being surrounded by idiot childrens.
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I love how Starscream looks like Bruce Campbell.
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This is literally the best humanformers I have ever seen! Well done!!!!!
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Holy cow, Lockdown looks like a creepier Lobo- I love it! Also, maybe it's just the voice, but I kinda imagined Elita as black, or African-American, or whatever term you want to use that won't get people yelling at me.
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Love it 

so cool :heart:
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Poor Optimus. he doesn't know what's wrong. Where's Longarm and Sentinel?
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Hothead looks hot~
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Kloppe?! or what?! xD Love Blitzwing with his german accent!

uh...and Lockdown looks...verry creepy :/
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Kawaii! love Prowl and Wasp!!!!! XD
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I love it. You did good. :)
Ps. Man, I always like how wasp comes out. He always looks good when people make him. XD
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i know what wasp is looking at.... MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! *GLOMP*
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Swindle looks like the Gangnam Style guy! ^^
Lol, Team Ninja - I wanna be on their team! *Hurries to join Sari and Prowl*
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Poor Megtron, always surrounded by idiots. Love Blitzwing. <3
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These are all awesome! The only one I would change at all would be swindle's tie. His toy actually has markings on it meant to represent a string tie (like the kind used by shady texan car dealers in movies).
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Perfect. It's all perfect. And great artistic style too. Awesome.
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