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Be warned, huge file ahead D:

I just had a look at my gallery stats, and they say that I averagly upload something every 22,5 days. That is not much, considering how much I draw.

So there, have ... stuff : D
All done in photoshop, except for Will. He's drawn in Painter, and I've never used that program ever doesn't like me.

I wanted to draw something spontaneous, practice and test some brushes and since Simmerl was watching At World’s End in the same room, I thought…well, why not.

I asked her to pause the movie several times for some minutes so I could make my sketches, and she was getting a little annoyed after the fourth time I said something like ‘ STOP! …now you missed the frame. Skip back twice - no that was too far!…or could you rewind to that one scene?’

</copypaste from blog>

Pirates of the Carribean (c) Disney
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Calypso: If we cannot escape these dull drums, before night, i fear we will sail on trackless seas, DOOMED to roam the reach between worlds, forever.

Mr Gibbs: with no water, forever looks to be arriving a mite to soon. 

amazing artwork m8, well done:biggrin3d: Biggrin 3D 50x50 derp 
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WOW! i thought these were like screenshots!!!! :D very well done!!!!!
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These are amazing, but I'm too tired to praise them properly. Good night.
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she looks like a dai le agent!!! O.O
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oh wow... I could never do that... not least because my brother would ignore me if I asked him to stop in a movie and my sister would go all: "oh, Ida, can't you watch it again later?"
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OMFG this is so GORGEZZZ :aaahhplz:
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Die Landschaften sind klasse geworden und Willileinchen sieht extrem klasse aus^^
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You did that? WOW its amazing! I <3 POTC
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OMG, this is sooo amazing!!! Fantastic!!! I just love it!! Good job! :D
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Woah, i just watched this film like, 10 minutes ago. Coincidence?
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super super super super cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is fantastic!! :'D
Love everything about this! It all looks so great, especially Davy Jones~ (:
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oooh my gosh! This is awesome! X3
Love the Davy, Calypso and Teague's paintings! *faves*
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THIS IS AN EPIC PAINTING *mind is blown*
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love it!! keep up the good work =D

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painting so good
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This is epic :) Especially like the one of will :D
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