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...dammit kid, you ruined the shot!

I always felt kinda sorry for Robin. Especially in the old comics, Batman can be pretty mean.
Lass dich nicht verarschen, Junge!

Anyways! Completely random speedpaint-thing taken from my blog. I wanna start uploading more here! : D

Batman & Robin (c) not me
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Great job with the contrasts! Robin's a little wiseguy, love it!
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I like it... So fun! ☺️
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bwaahahaa wow thats awesome!!
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Awesome. xD :iconjokertrollfaceplz: Why so serious, Batzy? Robin isnt.
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And then Batman smacks Robin. But it was worth it.
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You're like.. A GENIUS
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Ohmuhgod I died XD Amazing :heart:
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You kidding? He balances the whole thing out perfectly!
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ahahaha ich liebe dieses bild :giggle:
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The best Batman picture ever, indeed :nod:
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LOL. Is it possible that you could post one of just Batman?? ^^;
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hahaha! Robin would. Great pic.
Harley-Jacks's avatar Really, Robin???

Wow drawing (if I cant think of a word, I will usually say 'wow' as a descriptive)
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Go, Robin, go! :la:
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hahahaha!! awesome... :icongrin--plz:
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I totally :heart: Robin at the background.
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Well someone has to keep him down to earth. Wonderful technique.
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best. Batman. Pic. I've. Seen. So. Far.
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i could so robin doing that
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