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Be warned, big file ahead! (again)

Stuff drawn during the past weeks. I'm misusing my current favourite fandom for practice & diversion.

1) Actually I just wanted to draw that first panel. I should've searched for some batpod-reference, I have no idea how that thing works. Does it even have a seat? ...And I greatly enjoy drawing Batman making that face. Which is...sorta always. Except for some comics I shall not speak of.

2) Harleen. Swooning around.

3) Scribbled after reading 'he who laughs last', which is my favourite Penguin-story ever. It is so. sad.
I'm also trying to lose my fear of drawing backgrounds. Doesn't quite work.

4) Crime queens! I love how Ivy is such a scary woman but all motherly and caring when it comes to Harley (well sometimes).

5) Huhu, random : D

6) I confess, I just wanted to draw Nurse!Joker. Dialogue is from a B:TAS episode. And they look a little too concerned, one could think they mean it.

1b) The end.

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If the Dark Knight is a graphic novel/manga; this would be an interesting collection funniness and fan art at the end pages

Kopaa's avatar
amazing! love that love struck harleen especially
darkchaosempress's avatar
love it^^ especially the adorable harley ivyness^^
fannychichou's avatar
Hilarous 1 and 6 xD
checkerkitty12's avatar
Best Batspam EVER!!!
yellowsprout's avatar
wow batman ..just hit Joker. yes he really hit him
mnalfred's avatar
HarleKlown's avatar
1 and 1b just made my day. :D
k8g8s8's avatar
hahahah the tanx part just killed me XD and 2 faces .. faces? .. yeah faces killed me 2 XD
Rie-G's avatar
I love this so much it's making my head hurt. The one of Harley as a psychiatrist is amazing and the Joker stuff is brilliant. Love the style in the very first pictures, very dramatic. I want to do stuff like this! Damn you! Also, love. But mostly, damn!
PhantomGirl's avatar
GOD I LOVE THAT FIFTH PANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderlandess's avatar
i love them all. SO. MUCH.
lagrimasdechocolate's avatar
P-JoArt's avatar
OMG the 1/1b is PRICELESS!!!! X°DDDDD :rofl:
akaishuichi's avatar
Really, really love your harleen drawing...
all these art is amazing, but her...
is so beautiful :)
reyasemsz's avatar
this is sooo hilarious!!!!
Obsess-Confess's avatar
This is freaking amazing!! I love it! bahaha!
Kelirehenna's avatar
Ah, Batspam is the best kind of spam. And I love the Dark Knight (+ Harley) and Joker's Asylum references. :heart:
WildRedRose14's avatar
XD Love this so much! Really did make me giggle insanely....
yellowis4happy's avatar
Pfft haha. Everything's so hilarious!
starthere13's avatar
More plz. D;

Looove your style :heart: Your colors are great and the b&w comics have real character ^ ^
Phantom-Jaselin's avatar
These are all great. Love the part were Bats hits him, also love Doctor Harley and Nurse Joker.
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