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All locked and bolted

One of millions billions of illustrations i did for Padworx' iPad Dracula, a lil' earlier this year.

It was quite the challenge to do concept, layout, illustration and preparation for animation and interactivity for about 300 pages, but I got a chance to work with those wonderful people and in the end it all went amazingly splendid C:

To my great joy it got featured as App of the week and to my even greater joy the Stoker Family liked it so much that they officially endorsed it.

On the AppStore: [link]

I had about 5 or 6 hours for this image and I should've spend a little more of that time checking the perspective e_e
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I'm reading this book now and I love it! I would download this app in a heartbeat if I had an iPad! The perspective in your art here is so cool to look at; I'm imaging it is in Dracula's point of view, clinging to the old wall as a bat, high up where he goes unnoticed. Assuming he's even in the castle in this part of the book, I've forgotten.

Not going to lie, when I first saw this I thought it was based off a scene from the game Amnesia: the Dark Descent even though it isn't, and I hadn't searched for Amnesia art. There were some parts in the beginning of the book that reminded me of the game, go figure.
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"I had about 5 or 6 hours for this image and I should've spend a little more of that time checking the perspective e_e"

Yeah, with a perspective-heavy piece like this I would have ragequit so early.
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Wow! Isn't that something~! Congratulations for your hard work! And the image looks really lovely. :heart: I wanna know what's behind those doors!
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So mysterious and creepy in some way. I like it:)
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For a moment, I thought the cobblestones were jigsaw puzzle peices.
I suppose they are, but nevertheless, good work.
I can feel the atmosphere from where I'm sitting, that is a powerful image you have there. So haunting and creepy, gives me the chills.
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Hi again, my friend! Sehr gut!!! I found this picture very gotic and it remember me about the videogame of Vagrant Story of Sony, :)!!!
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Wonderful angle for this atmosphere!
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i freaking love this. another piece of proof that amnesia is dracula in game-form. :D
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perspective is cool awesome textures and scale
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Reminds me of Amnesia =O
ChaoticSouls's avatar
That's what I thought it was too. But it looks great!
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Makes me think of European castles and dungeons. Love it!
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Ich will ein iPad. SOFORT.

(Von der ferne her dachte ich es wär ein Fanart zu Amnesia - und hatte schon Angst es anzuklicken. . . . .)
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Woah, very nice.
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Gorgeous detail on the floor and walls, they have a great texture. :D I love the perspective as well.
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I love the texture of the floor and walls. It looks amazing.
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It gives you this chilly feeling of vastness or emptiness.. Great job :).
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Lighting is great too. :3
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Beautiful and makes me think of Amnesia this awesome horror game.

I love all the detail and color.
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I love the lighting here.
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