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Superman 2

just another superman homage
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Flipping amazing, fantastic work!
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Superman's the best.
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Wow! Amazing!
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Impressive work.  Love it.
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Impressive, iconic look.
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Broze Age Brainiac FTW.
Shamme we can't see those cyoot white hot-pants he wore...
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This is pure coolness.
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I'm guessing that the third villain on the right is the creepomatic Doomsday?
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Gr8 job, mate! An instant fave. You're whole gallery is awesome
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Ficou incrível cara! Abs!
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This is awesome. Great work
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I really like the fact that ya drew three of Superman's most formidable foes on the background, while Supes still manages to look as heroic as ever. :D
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Always amazed at your artwork! :eyepopping:
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Amazing work! I really like how you did this.:D
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excellent painting.
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Fantastic rendition.

Superman, Lex Luthor, Doomsday.

Is the other person Braniac?

Keep up the good work! :-)
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